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Perfumer, a chemist, a specialist in the field of fragrances and a regular contributor to the encyclopedia Fragrantica Matthew Yudov — about the best citrus flavors.

Light and fresh citrus fragrances are often a variation on a classical theme of the Cologne. Love them, almost all from small to large. In such compositions notes of Mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot is usually in the way with flowers and spices.

Original Eau de Cologne 4711

“Real Cologne water”, commonly sold in the souvenir shops of Cologne, claim to historical accuracy and closeness to the very first eau de Cologne created in 1709, still running things, javani Maria Farina.

Eau de Cologne Chanel

Simply one of the best colognes that you can buy for the money. Citrus is framed by a subtle floral aroma of orange blossom and decorated with spices.

Eau de Cologne Imperiale, Guerlain

An example of how Guerlain is probably the most monumental company in the history of perfume — makes even such a seemingly frivolous topic of Cologne in the software product. Want to feel like Napoleon to choose it.

Cologne Mugler

Modern and very unusual interpretation of the theme, which seem to be impossible to say something new. But Alberto Moriyasu managed to create an entirely futuristic composition, which repeatedly referred to and quoted later.

Mandarine By L’artisan Parfumeur

The best, if not the only, realistic perfume of Mandarin. For tangerine candied fruit is traditionally sent to the “bell” Serge Lutens Mandarine Mandarin.

1873 Colette Histoires de Parfum

Sweet candy lemon, tart lavender, melocotones chord and almost gourmand base. Very unusual and recognizable fragrance.

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune, Guerlain

Monoatomic grapefruit, in which the characteristic bitterness is accented by the leaf currant and petitgrain.

Neroli Portofino, Tom Ford

Needs no special introduction fresh clear citrus aroma, a little soapy, life-affirming and invigorating.

Oyedo, Diptyque

The subject of the composition of the Japanese citrus Yuzu, like a small grapefruit with uneven skin. Bright citrus and complemented with green notes of mint, a generous dose of aldehydes, herbs and fruity reminiscent of strawberries.

Gin & Tonic Cologne, Art de Parfum

A very realistic interpretation of the famous drink. With citrus coexists succulent watery cucumber, the complex spices and the amazing woody-incense base. The perfect summer scent.

Apero No. 8, Lengling

The best in the world essential oil of lime combined with aldehydes, fluffy, Mimosa, wine chord Chardonnay and woody-balsamic notes. All together creates sensation of a chilled glass of sparkling wine, which you drink on a Mediterranean beach, looking at the setting sun.

Eau d Orange Verte Hermes

Citrus-green scent, made in the old-fashioned way: a lot of oakmoss, spicy Basil and patchouli.

Energy C Lime by Comme des Garcons

Lost collection of magnificent citrus monoaromatic, sparkling and effervescent as a soluble tablet askorbinki. This lime is very delicate, very girlish, with absolutely no flavor expect for the Comme des Garcons rubber, with a delicate floral accord.

Bigarade Concentree, Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Inhumane beautiful fragrance that was created for Frederic Malle perfumer Jean-Claude Allen, quite fit in a single vial, taken to a deserted island. If you are looking for the real stuff to you does not matter to endure 4 hours of musks in the load, choose a Cologne Bigarade.

Pomelo Sorrento, Gritti

An ideal citrus fragrance: moderately acidic, moderately sweet, slightly bitter, recognizable, unique. Perfect balance and great execution.

Pure Artisan, John Varvatos

A good illustration of the fact that all new – well forgotten old. Classic Cologne theme with petitgrain, Ledentsova lemon and sweet tangerine, complemented by trendy ginger and hoisted on a tree-ambroxan base with a delicate hint of iris. The total effect: squeaky clean.

Lux-Mona di Orio

One of the few citrus scents that does not turn the language to call it life-affirming or frivolous. Despite the sweet candy start (litsea cubeb) and citrus main theme, Lux seems to be tough, arrogant and smug. How Mona di Orio was able to achieve this effect, it is still a mystery.

Colognise, Nishane

Cologne with Turkish flavour: herbs, flowers, spices, tropical fruits, kaleidoscopic whirl of notes, like the first came to real Bazaar and dizzy from a variety of colors and forms. Eclectic, bright and cheerful.


A very unusual citrus orange tropical fruits on the woody-balsamic substrate with gourmet creamy notes and smoky nuances. The creators wanted to make a composition not similar to existing ones, and they succeed.

Sweet Basil + Bergamot Waters, Wild Perfumery

A rare example of what all-natural aroma looks advantageous even against the background of normal commercial operations. Light, elegant, transparent composition, in which floral-citrus theme of bergamot accompanied by spicy sweet notes of Basil.

Matthew Yudov, chemist, specialist in the field of odoriferous substances, Creator of the popular science blog perfume “Hyperboloid of Leopold the cat”, a regular contributor to Fragrantica perfume encyclopedia.



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