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In Russia appeared in Japanese Lululun mask and Korean Mimiang, organic means Little Butterfly London and Source Essentielle, and Hungarian care by Peter Thomas Roth.

Japanese fabric mask LuLuLun

Lululun is already sold in Russia, but the range was perilous. Now, it seems, mark probed the market and decided to turn around in full force.

Masks are different dense three-layer cloth to keep as much of the composition, and a pattern that should be possible to close the nose and around the eye area and lips. And Lululun one of the first has guessed to sell masks like cookies, big box of 32 pieces.

The brand had 5 lines:

  • Line Regular — to hydrate and improve the complexion. There are packs of 32 pieces, which will last exactly a month (plus one in reserve:);
  • Line Precious anti-aging;
  • Line Premium is composed of natural ingredients from different parts of Japan;
  • Line One — promise effect as from salon care;
  • Line Plus — with natural essences, oils and extracts.


  • Regular — 535 RUB./PCs 7, 1900 RUB./32 PCs.;
  • Precious — 535 RUB./PCs 7, 1900 RUB./32 PCs.;
  • Premium — 499 RUB./7 PCs.;
  • One — 2450 RUB/5 PCs.;
  • Plus — 262-317 RUB./PCs 1, 1135-1362./5 PCs.

Already on sale in the network “Golden Apple”.

Masha: I Tried several types of masks. No. 1 — really moisturizes and nourishes. Plus (aka aroma-mask), though, and smelled of lavender, not too much. The most interesting thought line Premium. It was conceived partly as Souvenirs that would be bought by the tourists visiting different regionai Japan. To take a gift to a friend mask — it’s great (and not hard).

Hair products Source Essentielle

Prof-mark, a member of the group L’oreal Professionnel, picked up the trend on organics and transparency. In the compositions is from 80 to 100% natural ingredients. Compositions written directly on the vials with an indication of which ingredient is responsible for what. And so we were finally convinced that everything is very natural, some bottles floating flowers and leaves. By the way, oil brand got certificates of Ecocert-they provide environmentally friendly raw materials and production.

Submitted 4 lines:

  • Daily shampoo and conditioner for all hair types with extracts of leaves of acacia and aloe;
  • Nourishing — shampoo, mask and oil for dry hair with Jasmine flowers and oil of Indian sesame.
  • Radiance — shampoo, conditioner and oil for colored hair, with the pulp of figs and flowers immortel;
  • Delicate shampoo for sensitive scalp with calendula flowers extract, chamomile flowers.

The packaging is also eco-friendly, biodegradable.


  • shampoo — 1360 rubles;
  • air conditioning — 1440 rubles.
  • mask — 1760 RUB.;
  • oil — 1600 RUB.

Coming soon in the “Rive Gauche” and the salons of L’oreal Professionnel.

Masha: Jars cute, especially shampoos: convenient to put on one another, even the notch under the cap is, as in the designer. It’s great for transport — saves space in the suitcase (and shelf)). Perfume by all means a lightweight, barely noticeable. I managed to try the oil for the lights. Very light, almost weightless. The glitter really gives.

Cloth masks Mimiang

Another mask brand from Korea. Appeared in 2015, sold to USA, UAE, China, Thailand and Vietnam. In the compositions loved by Asians extracts of swallow nests and snail mucin, as well as more traditional ingredients like collagen, honey, hyaluronic acid. For mimimi factor responsible name — Mimiang stands for angel.

Only 4 lines:

Dessert for the skin:

  • mask “Milk and Banana” — moisturizes and soothes;
  • mask “Spring Flowers and Honey” — nourishes and gives Shine.

Two-phase mask:

  • mask with extract of swallow nests and goat’s milk — hydrates;
  • mask with ginseng — nourishes;
  • mask with snail extract — fights wrinkles, tightens.

Halloween & Pets:

  • the mask is a Skull with a rose and sea minerals — moisturizes;
  • mask “Charming skull” with Niacinamide — brightens;
  • mask “Pig” — increases the elasticity (collagen);
  • mask “Zebra” — nourishes and restores (hyaluronic acid, Centella asiatica);
  • mask Navy seal — hydrates (sea water and collagen);
  • mask “Extract bird’s nest” — makes (extract of swallow nests, goat’s milk).

“My first mask”:

  • mask “Moisturizing” hyaluronic acid;
  • face mask “glow” with green tea extract.

Price: 285 rubles. in the “Golden Apple”

Masha: To the beast-masks are skeptical. Usually on my face, they look terrible, and the effect of them is weaker than that of the plantain. But I tried the “Seal” and “Charming skull” and Mimi is the best mask I’ve ever met! Look pretty and very well moistened.

Cosmetics By Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth — Hungarian cosmeceutical brand, created in 1993, as you might guess, Peter Thomas Roth. In the 20th century his family owned two Spa, so he knows from childhood the benefits of thermal water and therapeutic mud.

The first means the brand is intended to treat acne, then there anti-aging line. Now in stock more than a hundred funds with a clear working ingredients: retinol, glycolic and salicilova acids, peptides, vitamin C and enzymes.

Bestsellers are:

  • Impressions drives Retinol Fusion fight wrinkles (retinol), exfoliate (glucosamine), skin (vitamin C) and reduced (ceramides) — 5300 RUB.
  • Cotton buds 20% Complex Clycolic Solutions Jumbo Peel Pads exfoliate the 20% glycolic acid is used once a week — 4900 RUB./8 PCs.
  • Anti-aging cleansing gel facial Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel — exfoliate (glycolic acid), combats inflammation (salicylic acid), soothes (extract of lime), complexion (citrus extracts) — 3800 RUB.
  • Mask Cucumber Gel Mask moisturizes and fights puffiness (cucumber extract), soothes (chamomile extract), evens tone (extracts of orange and lemon) — 5300 RUB.

Already on sale in stores Cosmoteca.

Nastya: Always thought the Peter Thomas Roth mask brand until I read the release, had no idea that they have such serious skin range. Retinol, vitamin C and all that – Yes, in them I believe. I’m waiting to pick up some cans after shooting.

Masha: a Curious character. At least that invented cotton swabs for the price of 5 thousand for 8 pieces. What are they soaked in? Udom?)

Cosmetics for babies and their mothers, Little Butterfly London

The brand was invented by the British Gudrun Wurm. She loves makeup for her newborn baby wanted to find the safest possible means. The list of requirements was so long and the requirements so strict that Wurm had to start their own brand.

Here is the founder – and the culprit of the appearance of the brand Little Butterfly London..

Founder of the brand Gudrun Wurm

Means suitable for very sensitive skin, the formulations are safe and organic. The brand multiple certifications, including Ecocert, Vegetarian Society and Cruelty Free International. But the famous brand is the fact that once her money, they bought Kate Middleton. The British Royal family love, and to their choice to listen.

Now in the range of 12 positions:

  • Baby body lotion Dewdrops At Dawn — nourishes and protects (2240 RUB.);
  • Children’s bath foam Bubbles In The Breeze — clean, does not dry (1865 RUB.);
  • Baby cream for diaper Soft As Moonlight Nappy — protects from diaper rash and restores (2430 RUB.);
  • Children’s bubble bath Floating On Clouds Bedtime — nourishes and adjusts the baby to sleep (2430 RUB.);
  • Baby oil for body Fall Into Dreams — relaxes and nourishes (2890 RUB.);
  • Baby oil for massage Love Eternal — protects and nourishes (1945 rubles);
  • Cream against stretch marks Scoop Co Bliss — prevents rastic restores (2630 RUB.);
  • Skin toning serum for the body Scent Of Seas — strengthens, improves elasticity (3770 rubles);
  • Cooling gel for legs Fresh Meadows — relieves heaviness and puffiness (2095 RUB.);
  • Day cream for face Blossoms In Spring — moisturizes, brightens, improves elasticity (4295 RUB.);
  • Night cream for face Secrets At Starlight — restores, calms (4960 RUB.);
  • Serum for the face Petals And Blooms — brightens, evens skin tone and skin texture (5345 RUB).

Already available on the official website.

Masha: Organic luxury for kids, in my opinion, a great niche, I would even say almost empty. But the brand has means for those who have no children. Here is a cooling gel for legs — a great thing, for example, for athletes.

5 new brands in Russia: Hungarian cosmeceuticals, the British care for the kids and a lot of masks

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