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What happens to your body if you begin every day Hiking. Explains the doctor.

Therapist European health center Elena Kotelkina explains that people often underestimate the benefits of walking. For example, a 30-minute walk you can get a lot of use. Namely:

  • Improve the vision. Usually, during the walks you measured breaths, and the eyes a rest from hard work at the computer. Eye fatigue is reduced and this improves vision;
  • The fight against depression. If you constantly feel fatigue and you have a sad mood, the walk will help you. Walk in the fresh air will reduce the release of stress hormones into the blood;
  • Will increase lung capacity. On the street, your lungs get more oxygen than the room contributes to this body, and his best work;
  • You will get rid of back pain. The more often you go, the more flexible it becomes your spine. If for health reasons you do not run, walk away Hiking. In addition, strengthened skeletal muscles;
  • Thanks to the calm breathing measured and slow walk will protect you from the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the elderly.
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