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We do not always have the necessary cosmetics, which is necessary for a certain type of makeup. But instead, it is easy to use other cosmetics that are no worse (and sometimes even better) than others’. We suggest you consider what unusual ways you can use cosmetics in your makeup.

1. Lipstick as shadows

Not always at hand is the desired color of shadows, and not always the shadows correspond to the parameters of stability and brightness. Therefore, lipstick comes to the rescue.

Plus lipstick as eye shadows:

  • Resistant. It lasts longer than the shadows of the middle price segment.
  • Bright. Especially if we take red lipstick, or lipstick of non-standard colors (green, yellow, blue).
  • It is easily put. It can be applied both with a finger and a brush.
  • Shadows lie well on it. If you want to dilute one tone on an eyelid with other colors, the shadows on top of the lipstick will hold better than without it.
  • Lipstick is harmless and easy to wash away.

How to apply?
Let’s try to create a super actual effect of the wet age with red lipstick.

  • We put a little red lipstick on an eyelid, we grow a little bit. We create the effect of “fig-eye”.
  • Apply the luster on your finger and pat them on the eyelid. The luster should not be too much, otherwise it will be sticky. Do not stretch and rub, otherwise you will pull the lipstick color.
  • Paint your eyelashes. Fresh, summer image is ready!
  • You can apply pinkish shadows on the lower eyelid to make the eyes bigger, and the effect – brighter.

2 Face contouring with shadows

Another non-standard application of cosmetics is the creation of a contour on the face with the help of eye shadows. Often in shops it is impossible to find creative tones of shadows, and standard brown and powder is always there.

Advantages of shadows as a contour:

  • The contour is light, unobtrusive.
  • It is easy to grow.
  • Easily washed away.
  • Large selection of tones.
  • Make-up can be adjusted easily due to the fact that the shadow pallet can easily be placed in the purse.

But keep in mind that such contouring will not hold out long, the maximum to go out for the evening in a cafe or restaurant.

How to apply?

  • Apply a shadow of the necessary tone on the cheekbone and the places that you usually contour. Shadows with a thin strip of rubbing, as they grow easily.
  • Grinding with a fluffy brush.

Contouring is ready, you can continue the usual makeup. You can also use the “cream” contouring by simply mixing some shadows with the foundation and applying the brush.

3 Eyebrow mascara

This tip is very simple: if you don’t have anything to paint your eyebrows with, use the ink that runs out. You probably have a tube that you don’t throw away, but you can’t paint your eyelashes with this ink anymore:

  • It is firm.
  • It is bright.
  • The brush will scratch your eyebrows well and put your hair down.

How to apply?

Just brush your eyebrows up with your ink brush. It will make your eyebrows look a little bit more colorful, create a lighter tone and fix the hair in the right way.

4 New colour for lacquer

If you have purchased poor-quality shadows that fall and lie on the eyelid, then do not rush to throw them away! Even if it is an old pallet, it can be used. Just crush these shadows and mix them with a matte lacquer. You will get an unusual color of shadows, which will look good on the nails. How to mix?

  • Take a separate cap, a container in which to pour a little transparent lacquer.
  • Add the necessary shades of shade to it.
  • Apply the lacquer with a brush, which you are not afraid to spoil with a new tone.
  • Allow to dry and fix with a regular transparent varnish.
  • Manicure ready!

5 Powder Tone Cream

That’s when you ran out of foundation cream and powder. Don’t throw away any powder residue, but put it in a small, stirring-friendly container.

What’s good about this cream?

  • You don’t throw away any powder residue.
  • It moisturises the skin and is completely harmless.
  • You can choose the right tone for yourself.

How do I make a foundation out of powder?

We will need the residue of your powder, which you poured in a saucer, a jar.

  • Grind the powder well so that there are no lumps.
  • Add your usual day cream to it. Add gradually, stirring well with a stick.
  • Bring the mass to a thick, creamy state.

Your foundation is ready!
These are such simple but useful Lifhachs for ordinary cosmetics. Have you tried any of these?

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