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What is cellulite and why does it appear?

8 Best Products to Fight Cellulite

The very word “cellulite” can scare any modern girl. Every self-respecting women’s magazine writes about this problem, and with enviable regularity. They discuss it with their girlfriends, but only so that no man hears it. In any store you can find dozens of remedies for cellulite, and the price list of most spas necessarily find anti-cellulite body wraps. Let’s try to understand what cellulite is, where it comes from and if it’s possible to get rid of it.

Where does cellulite come from?

Cellulite is considered to be a local increase in the number of fat cells with a simultaneous disturbance of microcirculation in the fatty tissue. Outwardly, this manifests itself in the appearance of lumps on the skin with pits and depressions, hence the name “orange peel”.

Subcutaneous tissue consists of a number of fat cells with connective tissue between them. If a person gains weight, the cells increase as well. Their number remains constant, but they proliferate, press against each other, preventing the flow of lymph. As a result, no nutrients reach the tissues.

This process is similar to what happens to a person who gains weight. Imagine that every fat cell is like such a person. And each one begins to get fat, sucking up toxins and fluids. The result is that the fat cells stick out, pulled together by connective tissue, and the skin becomes like the peel of an orange.

8 Best Products to Fight Cellulite

Because it’s not just the number of fat cells, slim girls are not immune to developing cellulite. Being overweight is not the only factor that provokes this annoying unpleasantness. The fat cells may well proliferate due to other reasons. The “orange peel” is more pronounced and therefore more noticeable in overweight women.

Causes of cellulite

Since you should know the enemy in order to fight him effectively, it is necessary to understand the causes of cellulite. What lies on the surface is the excess weight. Each additional kilogram increases the load on the connective tissue, and fatty deposits become more and more visible.

But this is not the only possible cause of cellulite. The formation of “orange peel” is promoted by:

  • Hormonal malfunction, especially ovarian dysfunction with increased production of estrogen, the very hormone that helps deposits form;
  • Other endocrine disorders, including thyroid disease;
  • Constant stress – in this state in the body is a selection of adrenaline, which affects fat metabolism, worsens blood and lymph circulation, disrupts the outflow of fluids and the removal of end products of metabolism;
  • Disorders in protein metabolism, which reduces the concentration of albumin protein in the blood;
  • Heredity, a genetic predisposition;
  • Sedentary lifestyle, including sedentary work and lack of physical activity;
  • Improper diet – excessive consumption of carbohydrates, fatty, salty food, which worsens the condition of subcutaneous fat;
  • Bad habits, especially smoking. Nicotine thins blood vessels, preventing them to remove fluid from tissues in time, and tar and heavy metals prevent normal absorption of oxygen.
  • To this list should be added chronic fatigue, problems with blood circulation, dehydration. An individual peculiarity such as a weak structure of collagen fibers in the skin also contributes to the appearance of cellulite. “Orange peel” may form with uncontrolled intake of certain medications and sudden weight fluctuations, especially with rapid and strong weight loss, as paradoxical as it may sound.

The stages of cellulite

8 Best Products to Fight Cellulite

The principles of combating cellulite are determined by the stage of its development. At each of them, certain measures are needed to improve the situation. There are four stages of cellulite:

  • In the first there are barely noticeable bumps, at most – a slight swelling of the skin or swelling. Such signs are most easily detected on the abdomen;
  • At the second stage the blood flow is disturbed, because the swelling pinches the blood vessels. There is a lack of oxygen, the fat thickens and collagen forms a honeycomb-like mesh. The “orange peel” becomes visible;
  • In the third stage, the veins are squeezed by edema, metabolic products are poorly excreted, there are difficulties with the delivery of carbohydrates, oxygen, proteins. Lumps appear, visible to the naked eye, and the skin on them is colder than on other areas;
  • The fourth stage is called fibrotic, which requires surgical treatment of cellulite. The affected skin takes on a bluish hue, it is cold to the touch, and the bumps are visible in any position of the body.

The earlier the problem is identified and necessary measures are taken, the better the chances of eliminating cellulite without the help of doctors.

How to get rid of cellulite?

Contrast Showers

Alternating changes in water temperature stimulate blood circulation, make vascular walls stronger and help get rid of fatty tissue. This method does not take much time, but it will help to get rid of the problem and improve the overall condition of the body.

Drinking pure water

The more fluids a person consumes, the faster the body gets rid of toxins. Normal, clear water is an excellent body cleanser. Attention: Drinking plenty of fluids improves the microcirculation and cleanses the cells.

Physical activity

8 Best Products to Fight Cellulite

It improves your metabolism and helps to burn excess fat. Especially useful in the fight against cellulite are power exercises on the buttocks and legs, as well as cardio exercises.

Giving up bad habits

Lovers of alcohol and cigarettes are much more difficult to get rid of the “orange peel”. Struggling with the problem, you should give up these habits.

Therapeutic baths

The anti-cellulite program should include baths with various essential oils, sea salt, algae extracts. Excellent suit oils: lavender; juniper; citrus; sandalwood; thyme.

Avoid saturated fats

8 Best Products to Fight Cellulite

Foods that include them aggravate the situation. Eating foods with solid saturated fats promotes clogging of vessel walls and accumulation of new fat cells.


You shouldn’t get nervous over nothing. Stress impairs metabolic processes and is one of the causes of cellulite.


It is useful to massage problematic areas every day. The effect can be achieved by massaging the problem area from outside and inside.

The seafood intake

8 Best Products to Fight Cellulite
Crayfish and seafood table top view. Lobsters, crayfish, shrimps, clams, oysters, sushi. On a white tablecloth

They contain omega-3 that have a positive effect on the body. So be warned. You have to eat seafood at least three times a week. If there is no possibility to consume such food in the necessary quantity, it is possible to take special vitamin complexes that include omega-3.

A balanced diet

It is necessary to eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. And from junk food, such as fast food, chips, soda, it is better to give up.

Cellulite remedies

Anti-cellulite gel cream with lifting effect Body Fit, Clarins

Price: $53.80

It is instantly absorbed without a greasy film, it does not stain our clothes. It can and should be taken to the gym and applied either before the workout on the buttocks and buttocks, or after (it works especially well after the sauna on a steamed body).

Quince leaf extract is responsible for the lifting effect. And Celosia seeds are rich in soothing oils (hence the nutrition).

Cellutox Active Body Oil, Elemis

Price: $47.63

A beautiful blue bottle hides a powerful weapon to fight the visible signs of cellulite. It contains lemon and juniper essential oils, as well as pinecone and fennel extracts. Together they not only make the skin firmer but also detoxify it. The product is also suitable as a massage oil. It has a lymphatic drainage effect, makes your skin smooth and silky smooth, and smells deliciously of lemon marmalade.

Weleda anti-cellulite birch oil

Price: $21.00

German brand of natural cosmetics Weleda has everything good: both the packaging, reminiscent of vials from old pharmacies, and the composition, in which there is not a single unnecessary ingredient. This oil is made on the basis of young birch leaves – they contain flavonoids, which remove toxins, and a lot of vitamin C, which burns fats and tones the skin. Powerful” oils of apricot kernel, jojoba and wheat germ are responsible for moisturizing, and the extracts of butcher’s broom and rosemary activate metabolism.

Contouring Concentrate, Caudalie

Before taking a shower, use a two-way brush (the most common one from the supermarket) to dry your skin, and then apply the oil with massaging movements until it is completely absorbed. The bottle has a measuring ruler with 30 marks. One serving – one mark. If this is your first time using this kind of product, see the instructions for how to apply it – in circular motions on your thighs, abdomen, chest and arms.

The product contains essential oils of grape seed, peppermint, pine, lemon and rosemary leaves.

Drainage Thalasso Scrub, Collistar

Price: $50.08 

Scrubs are the best selling products of Collistar. And not without reason: salt scrub great massages the skin, improves blood microcirculation and promotes easy drainage of lymph. At the same time, it does not dry out the skin, but on the contrary, nourishes it due to the oil in it. After use, the skin is very smooth, soft and glowing. The medium-sized granules do not scratch the skin.

The only point: do not apply the scrub if your skin has wounds or redness, the salt will irritate them.

Defi Cellulite, Thalgo’s anti-cellulite cream

Price: $64.00

Thalgo uses brown algae Fucus serratus and Coleus forskohlii to create products against cellulite. Defi Cellulite also contains them. And also sandalwood seeds, which promise to make skin flatter and smoother and reduce volume.

Sculpt Expert Modelling Cream, Guinot

Price: $73.00

If you use the cream in addition to sports activities, you will see a 100% fast effect. Apply it after working out and visually the skin will already look smoother and tighter. Regular application of the cream helps Guinot active ingredients such as hydroxyproline, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and brown algae, which prevents their destruction in the future.

The texture of the cream is pleasant, not sticky but not too liquid, so it is easy to apply in the dressing room, put it in your bag, get dressed and run to work!

Little Butterfly London Winds of the Sea Body Toning Serum

Little Butterfly London was founded by a young mother, Gudrun Wurm. After giving birth to her son Lucas, she set out to create the UK’s first organic cosmetics brand. The prank was a success!

The serum has no cosmetic smell. At 98.9% it consists of natural ingredients (all Little Butterfly London products have Ecocert certificate). It is instantly absorbed, does not stick and does not leave a greasy layer. It can be used during pregnancy and lactation – 100% safe!

8 Best Products to Fight Cellulite

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