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Antinomy lifting face-lift technique, after which does not remain visible scars. The recovery period is minimal — the result is the most natural. Tell what is the procedure, and show how different our heroine Larissa.

Recently we were looking for a party to project a “Facelift without scars and with almost no cuts”, which would make antinomy lifting in the EMC clinic of the plastic surgeon Alexey Kotelevich.

Mr Ryabkov held consultations with volunteers and chose Larissa Shatilo. Larisa 46 years. She is an actress and mother of three children.

Larissa before the operation:

Larissa: “In my profession a huge competition. Of course, I want to look younger and more attractive. But my days are very busy, and the children too do not give to relax. Therefore, the operation with a long rehabilitation period, I just can’t afford it.”

What is antinomy lifting?

Indocin — thin flexible plate made of polylactic acid. One side smooth, second — tenacious microecology.

Indocin is installed through a small incision above the temple in the scalp. It is placed between the bones of the skull and tissues of the face. The side with the needles fixed the displaced tissue in the desired position, giving them the opportunity to settle down in a new place. Indocin completely absorbed after 6-9 months.

Stand at the mirror and try to pull a little face with his hands from his temples diagonally up-back — effect of lifting should be like this.

The main advantage of this methodology is the lack of visible scars, visible effect, and short rehabilitation period. Serious edema arises, bruising after 10-14 days. There is no danger that the person becomes unrecognizable, it becomes younger, about 10 years ago, but with the same features. The method endocinology lifting Alex Kotelevets applies for about 4 years. In his view, it gives a more natural and harmonious result than around.


Before surgery, Dr. Kotelevets conducts a consultation with Larissa and making markings. Larissa do not get nervous!

Patients often fear that during operation can hurt the nerve. But in this case it is possible. The nerve is marked by the vertical stripe above the eyebrow, and this area is not hurt during the intervention.

The dotted lines are exactly the areas where tissue will be mobilized. Each side will be situated at the two Indochina.

First, from the cheekbones to the temple — should pull up the middle part of the face, nasolabial folds. From the tail of the brow — lift, in fact, the eyebrow, the crease and outer corner of the eye, thereby achieving the expressiveness of the eyes, as in his youth.

All manipulations will be performed through one small incision on each side.

Blood for the whole operation quite a bit, because it is only two small incisions, and the vessels immediately koaguliruut.

Alexey begins to mobilize the tissue. First, near the temple, then down below to the cheekbone. This operation is performed without endoscope, because so
less traumatic for the patient.

Length endotine depends on the patient’s face. Larisa a narrow face, so the strip should be shorter. Doctor cuts off a few extra cloves.

Alex Kotelevets places first indocin.

Fixes the outer edge of the strip.

And places the second Anduin above the eyebrow.

Cut ends and sews up. One side is ready.

Similar actions are on the right side. Blood and other horrors are not the same.

The whole operation lasts half an hour.

After surgery

An hour after surgery:

The next day Larissa go home. No household restrictions do not impose: bandage wear is not necessary, and even the head can be cleaned the next day.

Larissa: “the First day after discharge no pain at all. On the second day there was discomfort, but minor, I didn’t even drink painkillers. In bed is not lying, took care of children and home as usual. The day discomfort never left”.

On the second day after the surgery:

On the fifth day:

On the fifth day, with makeup:

The result

After a week, Larisa came to the reception.

The doctor removes the stitches.

The length of the scar is less than two inches, under the hair it is not visible.

Photo of Larissa one week after surgery


Larissa: “I have returned to work. Swelling left minor bruising is possible to completely cover the Foundation. If I like the result? Yes! But now I think it has always been — better get used to it”.

And again Before and After:

14 days after surgery:

16 days:


After 19 days:

In a month we will show pictures from the examination to the surgeon.

Alex Kotelevets is receiving in the Aesthetic clinic of the European medical center.

The consultation is free.

The price of the operation: 695 000 — 805 000 when you RUB exchange rate RUB. 73 on the day of publication (9500 — 11 000 Euro).

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