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With natural cosmetics LUSH is familiar to almost every girl. From bombs and bubble baths to makeup – the brand has won the hearts of butyricum around the world. Ahead – a large-scale launch of a new limited edition line of Foundation. What will please LUSH this time?

Foundation LUSH Slap Stick, as well as other brand promises to be all natural. And its composition is very pleasing – coconut oil (45% of all foundations), jojoba oil (closest to natural skin sebum), argan oil, extracts of chamomile, sunflower and Turkish rose. Only about 14% of the composition of the Foundation – coloring pigment.

Hiding power tools – average, but it lends itself to overlaying and good shade. The manufacturer promises that the tone literally “dissolves on the skin” and it “looks like you just stepped out of a SPA”, but also says that the texture almost imperceptible. Besides the main task, base also moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin.

One of the main pieces of the product – the lack of the usual plastic or glass bottle. Yes, it sounds weird, however, the Foundation will be covered with a special wax on the one hand, and will be sold in cardboard packaging. Of course, in order of environmental friendliness. As with all products, these tools are not tested on animals and are vegan.
In the form of a tone reminiscent of an egg. A great company will be the beauty blender, right? 🙂

Recently cosmetics manufacturers are increasingly thinking about expanding the color range of Foundation. This wonderful trend LUSH has also taken into account. So we are expecting as many as 40 shades shades: very light, such as dark color. It is noteworthy that the entire line is also divided into 3 categories: warm, cool and neutral.

Official promotional video with the application of tone:

The cost of one bottle (or should I say more?) the Foundation will be about $23. But most importantly – the tone can be purchased only within one month since the launch, which took place on 29 June, and only in online stores LUSH LABS. It’s time to hurry!

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