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And minimalist Japanese care

Spanish DU cosmeceuticals Cosmetics

Year established: 1986

Country: Spain

Concept: professional cosmeceuticals

The history of the brand began in 1970, when Donna Alicia Jurado opened a cosmetology school in Valencia. Tevian now produces 300 doctors a year with diplomas of the Ministry of education and science of Spain. Then the enterprising Alicia has assembled a team of biochemists and specialists in aesthetic medicine and has launched a brand of DU Cosmetics. In the compositions a record number of active ingredients (for example, the mask 4D is around 60). Concentrations also not greedy.

The number of lines of face and body is impressive:

  • Basic cleansing for all skin types
  • Sensory for sensitive skin
  • Spring for oily skin
  • VitaOligo and Cosmeceuticals – drugs to stimulate physiological processes in the skin
  • Contour – skin care around the eyes
  • Bee Active – rejuvenation due to bee venom and fiestalonia cells
  • Caviare plus – rejuvenating body treatment based on caviar extract
  • Nacary mother – of-pearl and silk for the prevention and correction of signs of aging all skin types
  • Exclusive a – line ampouled concentrates
  • Revive – high-tech preparations with a multilayer liposome
  • Velvet – algae mask
  • Body Spirit and Impact – medium lipolytic and anti-cellulite direction
  • Orange – comprehensive care for face and body
  • Clarity for the correction of hyperpigmentation
  • Detox deep pore cleansing, detoxification, improve microcirculation, eliminate edema

To work better, experts of the brand have developed their own massage techniques, for example, lymphatic drainage and “quick lifting”.


Mask 4D Mask effect Prodigy (9800 RUB) stimulates the regeneration of tissues, relaxes facial muscles and reduces wrinkles. Soothes and evens the complexion. Consisting of more than 60 active ingredients.

Gel Syn Ake (6760 RUB) is intended for the correction of facial wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. Inhibits muscle contraction, activates the synthesis of collagen, lightens dark circles, reduces bags under the eyes. Main ingredient – concentrated 4% Tripeptide (the analog of the polypeptide of the venom of the temple Viper).

Serum slimming Serum Slim Gym (9500 rubles) has a drainage effect, tightens the skin, strengthens blood vessels and stimulates lipolysis. In the composition with caffeine, iodine and methylsilanol mannuronate.

Where to buy: on the website of the brand ducosmetics.ru

Masha: How many work in BI, so I am surprised how many there are cool brands! Every time I want to ask why you so long before we went? Why force us to live without such amazing resources? I need a serum to the freezing of muscles, because the eyebrows and creeping up from excitement.

The Japanese care All J

Year of construction: 2018

Country: Japan

Concept: the means of the ingredients with Japanese origin.

The name stands for All J – All made in Japan (all of Japan).

Mark – not the brainchild of Russian rapper LJ, and the invention of the Japanese Sato, Norimasa, co-owner of a network of hospitals Shirayuri. Sato noticed that drugs with the same composition have different effectiveness, and came to the conclusion that the reason is the quality of the ingredients. Then he joined the national Furusato Genki project (translated as “health and homes”), which supports local producers. So there was a brand.

Sato stands for minimalism, and argues that every day in just 4 funds: hydrophilic oil soap with mesh for whipping the foam, the gel-cream and concentrate for the skin around the eyes.

Gel-cream substitute for lotion, toner, mask, moisturizer, anti-aging serum and makeup base. Suitable for all skin types, including dry and age.

In the compositions of the plant extracts, vitamins and ceramide made in Japan. No alcohol, dyes and perfumes.

Where to buy: smartbeautyshop.ru and in the salons of the “White Garden”, Pride Spa, French Dental Clinic (FDC).

Price: from 2800 RUB over the soap to 8000 RUB. for concentrate for eyes.

Mary: Time to try oil. Excellent – easy to wash off the mascara, does not sting the eyes, nasty oil leaves no film. A General idea to replace 100,500 jars on the shelf of all four I like, though, and raises questions. For example, where at least sun protection?

J. U. S Parfums

Year of construction: 2018

Country: France

The concept of “alternative perfumes, beyond the usual standards.”

Title: Play on words: “juice” (juice) in the language of perfume means perfume concentrate, but here is an abbreviation Joyau Unique & have access (“unique sensual jewel”).

Launched a brand of perfume. three veterans of the industry. The President of the company Jean-Baptiste Roux worked in YSL Beauty and Perfume holding Holding (Atkinsons, Ferrari, Iceberg, Sergio Tacchini). Marketing meets Bridget Vose – Vice-President of the same Perfume Holding (he worked in Dior, Sonia Rykiel, John Galliano, La Perla). The bottles was designed by Thierry de Bashmakov — on account of his thousands of bottles to hundreds of brands. By the way, Lena was interviewing him, and he said that the color of packaging influences the perception of smell. That is why the vials of JUS – flourescent-bright and juicy.

Flavors up with Ellen Celine (daughter of Jean-Claude), Fabrice Pellegrin and Alexander Karlin. Say no briefs were not given, were allowed to do anything.

Another feature is the formula of scents is published on the Internet. And in the shop you can quickly find the description of spirits in each package there is a QR code.

The brand had two lines:

Main – Joyau have access – consists of 8 flavors:

  • Springpop Basil, begamot, Magnolia.
  • Sopoudrage — iris, rose, cashmeran.
  • Ultrahot leather and incense.
  • Gingerlise — citrus, ginger, pink pepper, mint, sage.
  • Ambraser — ambergris, sea salt, white cedar, begamot.
  • Superfusion — galaxoid, gedion, Helichrysum, black pepper, half.
  • Noiressence — black pepper, orange blossom, iris, leather.
  • Sexycrush — Oud, patchouli, Tonka beans absolute, musk, vanilla.

Joyau Unique three vintage scent bottles 50-60s:

  • Rosamonda — rose and black currant leaves.
  • Cuirissime leather, iris, violet.
  • Coffeeze — UD, coffee, sandalwood, Tonka beans absolute.

Where to buy: in the network of “Rive Gauche” and the boutiques of Rivoli Perfumery.


  • Joyau Unique — 18 900 RUB.
  • Joyau have access – 14 900 rubles

Masha: Mark promised the rebellion and “alternative perfume”, but turned pure pop art: bright, juicy, ready to please everyone and focused on commercial success. The composition is clear and accessible. Surely many will captivate Gingerlise ginger, green Springpop and fresh Ambraser.

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