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Users did not see in it no beauty, no irony

Kylie Jenner chose money as the theme for its annual beauty collection in honor of his birthday. Many users have decided that this move failed, and embraced the new design as a mockery of the 21-year-old women.

On the packaging of cosmetic products used dollar signs and slogans of “You’re $0 money baby” (“you’re such a rich kid”). In social networks noted that such extortion has never seen. “I’m rich, you’re not, give me your money. Right?” – tries to explain the theme of a collection of Twitter user @GoldenCorrea. User @Ultravioletray2 sad laughs when he sees eyeshadow palette eye shadow shade called Work for It (“Bother”).

Earlier, Kylie Jenner posted a photo where he showed his personal collection of cars, which also were criticized by users.

About business ethics Kylie – her words can be found here. Whose money a billionaire has created the brand, we are told here.



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