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Experts has again recorded another death during dental treatment in Russia. Why do they happen?

Dental office fear even from an early age. It is believed that the work of a dentist is to hurt people, because dental treatment is often painful and unpleasant procedure. However, it is necessary, if you have any problems with the oral cavity. Otherwise, you can even lose your teeth. In the end, we’re told by parents: “From a visit to the dentist never killed anyone”. But there it was.

Recently in Tula region there was a major scandal. Died 19-the summer local resident after I went to the dentist. As you know from the Investigative Committee, she visited the dentist in goose “Plavskaya CRB im. S. S. Gagarin.” The patient was injected with strong painkillers, which she lost consciousness.

The doctor tried to lead the girl to her senses, but she failed. The patient was rushed to the emergency room and then with the aid of the air ambulance was taken to another medical facility.

Despite the enormous efforts of doctors, a young Russian woman died. The investigation believes that the doctor gave the patient medical services properly. However, the dentist denies his guilt and believes that her absolutely no. The specialist said that the girl had been anaphylactic shock. Who is right and who is wrong, will show a consequence.

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