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The doctor told me the consequences of the use of activated charcoal without the supervision of therapist.

Activated carbon has long enjoyed wide popularity among Russians. It can be purchased from any pharmacy for a ridiculous price. And sold these black pills freely and without a doctor’s prescription. The drug is effective in indigestion and poisoning. In addition, activated carbon has become popular among those seeking to lose weight.

But not everything is so simple and safe, as is commonly believed! Recently, scientists have empirically determined that the activated carbon can be hazardous to health. In addition, before its use you should always consult with a physician. This is especially important for those people who suffer from ulcerative colitis. Also, the drug should not be taken by people who have bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

– In pharmacology activated charcoal is used in the manufacture of antibiotics. It also helps to cleanse the blood, removes toxins and allows the body to get rid of bacteria. But the fact that he throws not only harmful, but also useful representatives of the microbiome, says gastroenterologist Zinaida Galich.

Due to such cleaning deteriorates the intestinal flora, and therefore there are frequent constipation, vitamin deficiencies, diarrhea and other digestive disorders.

Galich does not recommend frequent recourse to this drug, and if the need arises, it is best to ask permission from the therapist.

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