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Scientists have found that it is blame for the massive obesity of the women.

In today’s world of mass obesity is one of the main problems for people around the world. However, scientists have recently found a factor which significantly had a hand in this.

– This factor is the neuromarketing is a rather complex process of filing a product and its advertising on the market. From this process depends on the effectiveness of product promotion on the consumer market, – says the marketer Earl Lynch.

Experts on neuromarketing painstakingly studying how potential customers react to the product, and what you need to do to attract their attention. Considered every detail, down to jerking eye and increased heartbeat. It is from the reaction of the audience depends on the effectiveness of product promotion.

Once collected all the necessary data, experts form the image that will be pleasing to the eye. Consider the color, packaging, drawings, shape and many other factors. Because of this, consumers prefer the most healthy and proper food. After all, advertising of junk food makes it more attractive.

Scientists have also found that marketers are focused more for a younger audience. So they teach people from an early age to prefer the harmful production.

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