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Within a month she will upload a selfie without makeup and share your experience

Model Adwoa AAA, founder of the podcast Gurls Talk, shared with subscribers of their skin problems. She has published in instagram photo, which was done during the year to deal with the behavior of the skin.

While the model struggled with acne, according to her, each morning presented new surprises, and it was impossible to understand how it will look in the face the next day. “Some days it was acne, in other it was not so bad, and then after a perfectly clean skin abruptly appearing mass lesions”, – told Adwoa AAA.

The model is planning to put its other self with acne, to support open discussion of issues with the skin and at the same time “to throw off the burden” of guilt.

About the causes and diagnosis of acne we described in our material. A selection of SOS products for problem skin can be found here.


Adwoa Aboa


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