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Experts explain why skin often have to say thank you

Talk with the skin becoming a popular part of the daily care, writes Jessica L. Yarbrough for The Cut. This method is convenient because does not require additional costs and extensive lead – just be thankful your body and tell him about it.

A number of scientific studies confirmed that affirmations stimulate brain activity in areas associated with reward and self-esteem and generate more positive behaviour. Pharmacist Howard Murad, founder of Murad Skincare, also offers the application that generates positive attitudes for a day, tested in clinical trials. According to the doctor, if within 8 weeks twice a day to repeat these affirmations and daily journaling for 5 minutes diminish wrinkles, redness and dark circles under the eyes.

Scientists say that skin positive all, which reduces the effects of stress. If we sincerely confess love to him and gratefully accept the daily work of your body, it strengthens the nervous system and various protective barriers of the body – which means he’s faster and better recovering.

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