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The combination of these two bad habits are the most dangerous for the brain. Scientists believe that this leads to the destruction of nerve cells, memory loss, obesity and diabetes.

Experts of the scientific center ACS Chemical Neuroscience has conducted a large study on the subject of harmful effects on the Central nervous system (CNS) alcohol and Smoking.

The tests they carried out on laboratory rodents. Mice were fumigated tobacco house, gave them alcohol. All this was carried out at different concentrations, sequence. The researchers gave the poor mice then alcohol, then cigarettes, all at the same time.

They measured the physiological parameters of rodents recorded changes. Later after processing the information received, scientists were able to draw interesting conclusions.

It turned out that the combination of alcohol and cigarettes the most harmful for the brain. This happens due to the fact that increased amounts of reactive oxygen species in the brain that was oxidized cells. Simultaneous Smoking and alcohol consumption, this process has accelerated and been the destruction of cells. From such a joint influence suffered the hippocampus, which is responsible for emotions, attention and hold the memory.

In the brain of mice, experts found an increased number of markers of the inflammatory process. But a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which affects learning and memory, on the contrary become smaller.

Earlier, scientists have proved that the lack of neurotrophic factors leads to obesity and type II diabetes.

The study authors emphasize that Smoking and alcohol and separately very harmful to humans, but the combined use of a severe blow to the brain.

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