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Scientists said that the nerve cells continue to degrade even after a few weeks after people quit the habit

To such conclusion the group of researchers from Italy, Spain and Germany. They studied the MRI images, which are 90 men. All of them were brought to the hospital with severe alcohol intoxication. The researchers found that the process of degradation in their brain was in full swing. This was especially true of the white matter.

– No one could believe that even after the complete rejection of alcohol, disturbances in the brain that it causes will continue to progress, commented Professor, University of Barcelona Santiago Canals.

Then the scientists decided to test this process in rodents. For several weeks they are being fed mice port wine and red wine.

A month later he was made the MRI test. It turned out that all this time suffered two brain regions: corpus callosum (connects hemispheres) and the hippocampus (forms of emotion, is responsible for learning and long-term information storage). Hardest got young rodents, they almost didn’t remember.

Scientists continue their research, trying to figure out how long it takes destruction of the brain.

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