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Test all Foundation Guerlain four boutinniere. Which means — the most discreet, what is the most persistent, and what is the most shining?

Guerlain have a relatively small range of creams. At the moment four. Two Lingerie de Peau and Aqua Lingerie de Peau Nude — bestsellers of the brand. Recently got a new one — L’essentiel, which we tested on different skin types (even men), and Mary Lena and this tone immediately fell in love.

We decided to find out how makeup Guerlain behave on different skin types. We were helped by the training Manager of Guerlain Makeup Ksenia Kaverina: tell about features of each and gave some valuable tips on drawing.

Our team:

  • Julia: the skin is oily, dehydrated, sensitive, with redness, enlarged pores.
  • Olga: oily skin, age, without any problems.
  • Lena: normal skin (no apparent greasy or tightness), mild acne.
  • Anastasia: the skin is dry, sensitive, redness and peeling.

Moisturizing cream Foundation Lingerie de Peau Nude Aqua, Guerlain

  • The coverage is light.
  • Finish — satin.
  • For dry, normal and combination skin.
  • Promises: moisturize, give elasticity, to align.

Ksenia Kaverina: “does Not cover all the redness and inflammation, but perfectly evens skin tone. In the composition of the volatile oils, which evaporate when applied and the skin is semi matte, powdery veil. Spreads easily with your fingers”.

Julia (oily skin): Lightest water with a pleasant fragrance, which is peculiar, seem all funds Guerlain. Unexpectedly for me became the most favorite tone. Although it seemed that this format is not mine — I love the denser the coating. And then the cloak is weak, but the tone and texture of the skin look smoother.

A powdery finish on me, but the skin does not dry and does not become noticeable during the day. Even a little keeps the “kick” of my sebum — with this tone of Shine on the face less. In General loved.

Olga (skin is oily, age): of all the means of Guerlain liked the least. Yes, it is light and in theory should be suitable for oily skin, but not mine. The finish, as said Julia, powdery, but the powder is dry and very noticeable. I tried to put Aqua Nude silicone primer, oil, cream, clean the face, but not getting any better. The effect of “my skin, only worse” — not exactly what I want to achieve. The only plus is the scent. It is amazing.

Lena (normal skin): At various times I tried different tone Guerlain, and none of them did not impress me. The current generation funds the same disadvantages. A few hours later after you did the makeup, the skin looks scaly. No, it is not scaly. It’s such an odd feature of the coverage. The pigment is dry, like powder, and is inhomogeneous. Sometimes falls into the pores, and some redness shining through. The same situation with Aqua Nude.

The meaning of this tone is similar to Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet. Lightweight coverage and semi-matte finish – I like it. But no, it didn’t happen.

Nastya (dry skin): I thought Aqua Nude — light tinted overnance, which is applied not looking. So I planned to make: to go somewhere and before you leave, already wearing shoes, smeared the agent’s face, waiting for the effect about how SS Erborian. Shoes had to be removed and to go to wash — tone highlighted on the face of all: existing and non-existent, and even peeling pores, which I don’t have any problems. It turned out this effect zombies.

The second time I approached the issue more thoughtfully and at first inflicted a moisturizing base. The improvement was but slight. I tried the silicone base, alas, was that the tone of it is not allocated. Imagine that you draw a marker on the glass, — you will understand what I mean.

Can assume that Aqua Nude fit perfectly smooth normal to oily skin. But I — by.

Foundation Lingerie de Peau, Guerlain

  • The coverage — from light to medium.
  • Finish — velvet.
  • For all skin types.
  • Promises: it is easy to layered to stay all day, protect from UV light (SPF 20).

Ksenia Kaverina: “I Recommend to apply with a brush, in a circular motion, as if polishing. If skin is oily — it is necessary to powder my T-zone, if dry or normal — not necessarily”.

Julia (oily skin): Nice disguise — closer to the average, normally covers redness and other irregularities in the tone. Divided well even with the fingers, but ideally you should use byteblaster. I’d like Chu-at-ut ‘ more plasticity to smooth loose skin texture. But I understand that then the tone would not be so persistent. By the end of the day, the finish line becomes more visible, apparently, fights with my sebum. I long time do not bother it, but the tone still need to DAB with napkins or powder, removing the Shine.

Olga (skin is oily, aging): This tone is also noticeable on the skin, but not as much as Aqua Nude. It is more dense, plastic. Camouflage medium — evens tone, freckles and moles do not hides. I like that. However, quickly Shine appears. Literally half an hour and the forehead and cheeks glowing. I usually have a very light translucent powder, but even with her in the evening, the coating becomes sloppy and noticeable.

Lena (normal skin): Initially, all very nice. Such a good, medium disguise. The pores are slightly smoothed, as if retouched. Moderate Shine. But after half a day – again, scales, scales, scales. Beige pollen on the face. I fear as it is not love. Because if the pigment where it accumulates and where it is eaten, all you can do is wash.

Nastya (dry skin): Looks on my skin better than the previous, but still not very much. The finish is matte, not as matte-shining like new runs and Matt premamoy like tone that I used in school. And, again, emphasizes pores.

Resistance weak: is deleted under the arches points. I can assume, if you do not touch your face — to night can hold, but I touch — so had for dinner the tone is postertime.

Foundation L’essentiel, Guerlain

  • The coverage is medium.
  • Finish — satin.
  • For all skin types.
  • Promises: moisturize, hold for 16 hours.

Ksenia Kaverina: “as a base, I recommend using the serum, Abeille Royale, and apply with a brush-Kabuki. Then the tone being very subtly and easily. The coating may be layered from light to medium. Optionally, the powder clear powder, glow will still appear after some time.”

The brush-Kabuki in a couple of L’essentiel.

Julia (oily skin): the Tone that is incredibly beautiful immediately after application. That’s like you said something new instead of your skin. No vessels, no pores, no spots of unknown origin.

Smear it you can simply with your fingers and blender is a big difference I felt, the tone is plastic and behaves well. And the brush that it attached! It’s just a delight some- she in one motion tolerative tone to a perfect coating.

But I, with my oily skin in two hours in L Essentielle intense Shine. And Shine evenly across the surface of the face, and not only forehead, nose and chin. On the one hand, this is a delicate Shine. Happens to me a lot worse. But the natural glow it is not. You need to DAB the face, repeatedly.

Olga (skin is oily, aging): This is the only tone for the rest of my life, which I apply not only for the sake of shooting or meeting, and just like that, every day, purely for fun! Even with the greatest La Mer, this was not. With L’essentiel, I really the best version of myself. The feeling that my skin passed through my filter, and she suddenly became perfect. The tone does not erase any of my favorite features (moles, freckles), does not emphasize the wrinkles, does not sink into pores. The brush attached is just a miracle. And I say this — the person who in principle does not like to use a makeup brush (even a shadow it’s fingers).

Heard complaints that oily skin L’essentiel glitters. Don’t even know what to say. Because, well, he does not Shine, and radiance. This creates a bit of finish, which, I feel, has nothing to do with a greasy luster.

And durability of it is phenomenal. Somehow not managed to erase it before a Boxing workout. Just so you understand: for a half hour I change my clothes twice because the clothes can squeeze. But he made the effort and did not spread the tone at the sweaty face with a towel. So, in the end I just soaked — and immediately went to do a selfie. Makeup was in place.

I really thought that with such resistance will have to scrape together with skin — but no, it is washed off by mitsellyarnoi. It was the met. Point.

Lena (normal skin): Point, point:) My skin L’essentiel over. Look what the sheet I wrote in the post dedicated to this Foundation, and even put compliments in the list of the best tools of the month. Persistent. Perfectly evens tone. The finish line – a sight for sore eyes. Love, what else.

Nastya (dry skin): initiated the global test of all the Guerlain Foundation I was. Because their Tenue De Perfection has been my favorite Foundation since its release, nearly 6 years. And now it has been removed from production, and L’essentiel should be his replacement.

Now, if Tenue De Perfection was not, I would say that L’essentiel — perfect tone.

L’essentiel not be as stable. He is good, but still imprinted on the telephone and erased from the nose, — if, excuse me, to blow my nose:) in the evening looks still a bit worse than freshly applied. And be careful when choosing shade, the face Foundation oxidizes and turns a semitone darker.

But other claims I have to him there. Is distributed by hand, brush also works well. The finish is moderately shining. Generally, any Foundation I mix with reflective base, and with the L’essentiel it’s not necessary. In General, a good pleasure to use. It’s Tenue De Perfection! :).

Tinted moisturizer with anti-aging effect Parure Gold, Guerlain

  • The degree of coverage is high.
  • The finish is a radiant matte.
  • For aging and dry skin.
  • Promises to fuel (oil of myrrh), visually smooth due to the gold particles in the composition, to protect from UV rays (SPF 30).

Ksenia Kaverina: “the Most shining of all colors Guerlain, as part of Golden pigments and nourishing oil of myrrh. I love to apply it wet with a sponge it turns out fine. If you mix with the base L Or in a ratio of 1 to 1, the texture will be lighter and tone you can distribute with your fingers or a fluffy brush.”

Julia (oily skin): I love this Foundation because of the degree of masking — it really is above average, and the coating does not need layering to cover up inflammation and redness. Plus, like all anti-aging Foundation, it is plastic, so that fits well on sensitive skin too.

The problem here is the same as that of L Essentielle. All over the face after some time shiny. However, if L Essentielle makes it somehow more or less delicately, Parure Gold is just shiny. So the powder and wipes — everything.

Olga (skin is oily, aging): The dense tone of all covers everything, including moles. I use very rarely, so that took some time before I adapted to it. It fits me for the evening, under the bright makeup for the filming. The day is too noticeable. Besides, Julia is right, if you have Shine, this tone will strengthen it. And if you add a layer of powder will absolutely mask.

Lena (normal skin): I Agree with the rule that on the problematic skin look good anti-age Foundation. They are plastic and smooth out the uneven terrain. However, Parure Gold is not the best and most obvious example. Redness underneath Shine through (this I was able to confirm during PMS), and the farther, the stronger. The coating becomes thinner during the day.

In General, I would not say that Parure Gold a high degree of masking. So it seems due to the fact that the texture is plump and chewy. As a consequence, the tone, by the way, the effect of wet when applied, although in the end, well blended with the skin.

And already feel a little parrot, but I guess that’s the trick almost all the Guerlain Foundation from which there is no escape, and powdery pigment clogged again to where it isn’t wanted. Not once, in the evening, but still unpleasant.

Nastya (dry skin): And on dry skin look good tone anti-age. True Parure Gold is not as creamy and fatty as the majority of funds from this category. But it does not destroy it. Coverage above average — I like that. The finish is the same matte shining stated. Apply though your hands, though byteblastermv. Enough to quickly grasp, so to shade better faster.

Only the durability could be higher. On the wings of the nose to the lunch does not survive. Apart from this, all is well, use it a lot.

Prices in the “L’etoile”:

  • Lingerie de Peau Nude Aqua — 4149 RUB.
  • Lingerie de Peau — 4149 RUB.
  • L’essentiel — 3849 RUB.
  • Parure Gold — 5949 RUB.
  • Brush for makeup L’essentiel — 3549 RUB.

Have you tried the Guerlain Foundation? What is the most favorite?

All Foundation Guerlain: try on different types of skin

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