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The novelty had inspired her album, “Sweetener”

In his instagram-storis Ariana Grande announced the release of a new fragrance, already sixth in a row. It was called R. E. M. and inspired by the fourth album of the singer “Sweetener”. On the package of this product depicts a cartoon version of Ariana in the image from the video “Break Free”.

“In my dreams I was always the version yourself of “Break Free,” wrote the singer. — I would like to spend more time as that character and in that world, and perhaps this is what I will do.”

[email protected] has tease an upcoming fragrance called R. E. M and it will be available this month @ultabeauty pic.twitter.com/nJwCcHk9b7

— Ariana Grande Update (@ArianatorFallen) August 5, 2020

Sale of R. E. M. will start later this month, the fragrance will be presented in the network Ulta Beauty. What he will smell, is not yet known.

Recall that in 2018, Lush released a fizzy bath bomb based on the clips of Ariana Grande’s “God Is a Woman”.



Ariana Grande


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