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And gave tips on caring for colored hair


Art stylist beauty center “Aldo Coppola” at Barvikha Marco Genoni told about the main autumn trends in haircuts and hair coloring.

This fall will still be relevant haircut kind and hair length to shoulders. You should pay attention to the functionality of the haircuts — it should be as simple to lay and to specify the shape of hairstyles to get a very quickly. Also, the hairstyles will remain a desire for a slight effect of negligence in the spirit of styling with the coast with the most natural lying strands. To achieve this, do not overload the hair styling means.

As for coloring, that Marco recommends that you choose light glare on the hair, achieving the effect of naturalness, as if over the summer the hair itself burned in the sun. This can be achieved by staining for the accessories brand Aldo Coppola. In the fall preference will be given to hues that blend in with the natural hair color. Another important criterion is the quality of the hair. Staining Infusion from Aldo Coppola is not harmful to the health of the hair, but, on the contrary, has a regenerating effect due to the natural herbs in the composition. It allows you to maintain the desired shade and helps to restore hair naturally.

Tips from Marco Genoni to care for colored hair:

Infusion Elements Repair Mousse


“At home I recommend to get the regular use of thermal protection. This product will protect hair from the effects of hot tools and help keep their natural Shine. Also, before each drying should cause care. The Infusion Mousse foam Elements includes both caring and styling tool that simplifies the process of styling hair. In addition to the home remedies once a week or two, depending on the condition of the hair, you need to visit the salon for professional care. Body complexes allow personalized bar Aldo Coppola to create a hair restoration program based on natural oils and plant extracts that is combined with our proprietary coating. Also salon care allows you to care for the health of the scalp, which determines the hair growth.”

To learn more about the procedures and products of Aldo Coppola on the official website beauty centres.


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