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The Royal family have to travel a lot and conduct meetings, so it is important for them to always be in the proper form. About how it manages to representatives of the British Royal family, told Australian Vogue.

In 2008, Queen Elizabeth II announced the construction of a gym at Buckingham Palace. They say that there are all types of exercise equipment that you can imagine and also personal trainers ready to help with classes at any time of the day. At Buckingham Palace also has a pool, in which each day’s diving Prince Philip, and the young members of the family learn to swim.

Prince William and Prince Harry like to play Rugby and Polo, Kate Middleton is a big fan of tennis, skiing, field hockey, and rowing. Meghan Markle is actively involved in yoga, she told me that this kind of activity helps her to better endure jet-lag and pregnancy.

About what gifts are presented to each other on Christmas day members of the Royal family of great Britain, we are told here.





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