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The singer is particularly attentive to the skin, nurturing the child

Grimes has created a buzz with their photos with their growing belly – some considered it a teaser to the birth of the new album, the other – to the real pregnancy of the singer. The result was that all right. Star specialist Kandas Marino, known as “the cosmetologist from Los Angeles,” said that one of the first to know about the baby Grimes, as the singer addressed her as doctor.

According to Marino during pregnancy must be especially attentive to the care of the skin, since this organ occupies a large part of the body. In the beauty regime Grimes in her new position include acid (iS Clinical Active Serum), peels (Olga Lorencin’s Red Carpet Facial In a Box), cleanser honey-based (iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser), moisturizing emulsion (iS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion).

Also the beautician said that the singer loves to do bright and frightening mask with a jelly texture and make oxygen baths.

When will the new Grimes album, and that in it interesting can be found here.







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