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Today, the main actress of “Harry Potter” and goodwill Ambassador of “UN women” Emma Watson turns 29. We congratulate the girlfriend happy birthday and take this opportunity to reveal favorite beauty tricks of Emma.

Delicate Belle from “beauty and the beast”, a direct Sam of “Good to be a wallflower”, the daring Nikki from the “Elite society” and, of course, supervolcanic Hermione out of the epic Harry Potter in each of these roles, Emma Watson looks fantastic. However, leaving the scene, the actress never ceases to Shine and surprise us with their well-groomed skin and neat makeup. Want to know how Emma manages to look like a million? Let’s honor her beauty life hacks and look at the makeup of stars.

5 beauty secrets of Emma Watson

  • Focus on the eyebrows. If you look at the pictures of the actress, you can’t help but notice her elegant eyebrows. Perfect shape and color – not a gift of nature, and the result of regular correction, what Emma freely admits. Once she said that she didn’t like the eye makeup (withdrawal causes her discomfort) in everyday life prefers to focus on the eyes and eyebrows.
  • Regular maintenance. The main modern magician on the planet says he never neglects an evening skin care. Even if the shooting ran late, the actress finds time and energy to make up removal and moisturizing.

  • Daily baths. Emma loves to take baths and, by her own admission, can do this several times a day. During this relaxation, she says on the phone, reading books or just resting. The actress loves to use salt and oil, and the common cold adds to the water products that contain ginger.
  • Healthy drinks. The actress believes that the best way to quench your thirst without hurting your own beauty is to replace soda in a glass of water. To add variety, the girl down into a liquid fruit or just replace plain water with coconut. In addition Emma is trying not to drink coffee.
  • Natural manicure. Emma, in principle, does not like to paint the nail varnish and in everyday life prefer neutral colors that fit underneath everything. But, of course, red carpets dictate their own terms, so to them we can see a star and Burgundy, with bright red and blue nail Polish.

Favorite beauty tool of Emma Watson

Love Emma Watson to organic cosmetics you can easily count for another beauty secret. Natural products are gentler to the skin and, moreover, do not harm the environment. Of course, working in the film industry, not so easy to use only organic matter, so the actress honestly admits that if she needed working waterproof mascara, stages of production can take second place.

If we talk about care cosmetics for the face, its dry skin, the actress prefers cleansing lotion from Weleda oil serum with rose and MV Organics day moisturizing nectar from de Mamiel.

Taking bath, actress often uses milk with rose Lola’s Apothecary, and hair prefer to apply the oil blend with grapefruit from Alchemy Oils or pure coconut oil.

Top favorite decorative means of Emma Watson include Ilia Beauty concealer, bronzer from Vita Liberata and brow gel from Jane Iredale.


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