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Cosmetic brands all appear, and incomes all fall down

Endless loud launches new cosmetic brands and the dominance of beauty videos on YouTube give the impression that in the field of beauty now earn good money, so brands and grow like mushrooms. However, the statistics says the opposite: serious problems with sales experience and a large company (Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay) and a smaller scale of the brand.

The Business of Fashion highlights several reasons for this situation. First, just tired of customers – with so much information about new products is very difficult to understand all the intricacies of the products and their revolutionary. Even social networks and influencer, which are advised to be guided by the experts lose their power over the tastes of the audience, these channels customers were treated with skepticism.

Moreover, many buyers don’t really need a lot of cosmetics, especially decorative. Clients like universal tools that are easy to use in simple, everyday makeup. This, of course, continue to exist instabuy and artists that make fabulous images, but usually outside of social networks this makeup does not come out.

About how the trend of “fast beauty”, we are told here. What you need to know about celebrity makeup, read our material.







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