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She admitted she feels guilty

Bella Hadid three times appeared on the runway of Victoria’s Secret, however, is not felt sexy. About this model spoke at the event, Vogue Fashion Festival in Paris.

She admitted that for the first time really confidently took to the catwalk in underwear only show Savage x Fenty, as Rihanna gave her complete freedom of choice on the show.

Bella Hadid also said that is often faced with emotional breakdowns. “Some time I just didn’t want to talk about it, but over the last few years I went through many of the problems associated with health. I feel guilty that I live such an incredible life, have so many opportunities, but I’m miserable. A sheer contradiction”

According to the model, serious problems began when her career took off. “I cried every morning, during lunch breaks and before bed. I was very unstable when I had to work 14-hour working day for 4 months in a row at the age of 18 years. I guess I just wanted to breathe freely. In the end I was getting worse and worse.”

Previously, Selena Gomez spoke about the fight against panic attacks. How the singer was able to handle them, can be found here. Where, according to scientists, the need to live in order to be mentally healthy, we are told here.


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