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Summer is coming to an end and we are already looking forward to the new season! And while telling you about the cosmetic and perfumery novelties of August, you will be useful to the upcoming autumn.

Intensive moisturizing lip balm 24h Intensive Moisturizing Lip Balm from Skincode

New lip balm from the brand Skincode is specially designed for long-lasting hydration and repair dry lips. It restores natural moisture level, softens the skin and makes it soft and smooth. Beauty product is ideal for repairing dry and chapped lips, protects them and provides quality care. In the composition includes natural vitamins, fatty acids and a unique hydrating complex.

Fat-free moisturizing cream Oil Free Hydrating Cream from ORLANE

Looking for the perfect moisturizer for oily or combination skin? We found it for you! Novelty cosmetics 2018, fat-free moisturizing cream Oil Free Hydrating Cream from the brand ORLANE, you sure will impress. The cream does not contain oil, so is ideal for the needs of combination and oily skin. The tool will also be excellent for summer season and hot climate. The formula contains a combination of three dimensions of the molecules of hyaluronic acid and provides deep hydration.

OUI fragrance from Juicy Couture

The famous fashion house Juicy Couture is a new fragrance, versatile for all occasions. Playful, provocative, full-bodied and versatile – it’s designed for modern girls Juicy Couture who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and Express your opinion. The combination of bold and soft notes of watermelon, lemon, tea acai and fresh pear is complemented by the chords wild tuberose, Jasmine and honeysuckle. Expect a new fragrance in September.

Hydrogel eye with cooling effect Eye Hydro-Gel by Collistar

New cosmetic hydrogel eyes with a cooling effect from Collistar visibly diminish the signs of dark circles and bags under the eyes, returning the gaze, expression, and skin freshness. Tool to perfectly cope with the signs of fatigue and eliminate dehydration thanks to its innovative formula, the “ice effect” and a ceramic applicator. Suitable even for sensitive skin around the eyes.

Comprehensive care for Lip Up with hyaluronic acid from Novexpert

Comprehensive care for Lip Up from Novexpert contains only highly effective natural ingredients: hyaluronic acid, algae extracts, vitamin E and Shea butter. The tool performs seven functions! It gives the lip volume, smoothes small wrinkles, restores the contour of the lips, soothes and moisturizes skin, gives your lips a beautiful Shine and healthy colour.

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