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Katerina Ponomareva
Senior makeup artist With M. A. in Russia and CIS

How to understand that you are talking black or dark purple lipstick? Follow a few simple rules:

  • than darker skin, the darker can be a lipstick.
  • the darker the hair color, the brighter could be the shade of lipstick.
  • girls with very light porcelain skin look flawless Bordeaux and black.
  • full youthful lips that look good a bright, crisp, bright colors, and women older more suitable light and subtle shades.

Maria Pyrenkova
Freelance makeup artist

After returning to the fashion era of the 90s is back and the trend in supertanya lipstick. Now, as then, important to apply them paired with a pencil and to use only matte texture.

The right choice of shades

As with red lipsticks, dark are almost all, it is only necessary to pick your own color. Girls with dark skin suitable shades of chocolate, plums, as well as the most fashionable dark tone Marsala — a warm brown-wine. Owners porcelain skin should choose a deep berry and blueberry hints.

Less mascara!

In order not to overload the image and focus on the lips, apply on the eyelids a matte or satin shadow cream colors, underline eyelashes with only one coat of mascara, highlight the cheeks and a neutral brown-pink blush.

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