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I suppose that the subject of my review will be of interest to very many girls. You bet, tempting idea to get rid of unwanted hair permanently at home. Today I will try to tell you more about my experience and help others.

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

I remove hair with the root for almost 10 years in the bikini area (including deep), and legs and armpits have always treated with a regular razor. In 2017 I mastered shugaring and completely calmed down.

But six months ago, some of my hair became so thin that it began to spiral around the root. Sometimes they were infected, even the untouched ones would get ugly dark under the skin and I had to get to the root with a needle to get to them. Brrrโ€ฆ


But hubby noticed the marks on the delicate skin and sternly said, enough nonsense, go to the salon.

I very rarely trust my appearance to strangers, preferring to do everything myself if possible. And in the reviews for various salon procedures to remove hair are pictures of burns, pigmentation, or even ruined skin for life.

So after reading for a couple of hours about salons, I decided to buy a home photoepilator.

๐ŸŒธ The main criteria were as follows:

  • A well-known brand (I saw good reviews on Chinese models, but I did not take the risk). I chose between: “Remington”, “Philips” and “Braun”.
  • Good reviews.

โ›”๏ธ Before I started researching this, I thought all my hair would be gone forever. After reading in more detail, I experienced the first disappointment, the girls write that the hair slows down the growth, many fall out, some have completely stopped growing over time, but 100% result all over the body did not meet anyone.


Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

I spent 2 days reading reviews, writing out features. I didn’t want to waste money and time because of making the wrong choice. I first stopped at “Remington”, but the girl consultant said that they can heat up quickly and you have to wait until they cool down. I had a similar problem with the epilator from “Philips” and did not want to repeat the experience. “Philips” was rejected because of the fact that popular bloggers on “Youtube”, after receiving it for review, filmed enthusiastic reviews, without having tested at least a month. For me, it served as an anti-advertisement.

Thus, i decided to buy Braun.


On Amazon – Here


๐ŸŒธNumber of flashes

250,000 flashes.


The epilator itself is packaged in a good quality cardboard box, which still looks perfect.

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

A nice bonus: the machine “Venus” with replaceable blades (I bought them separately later). Unlike disposable looms, it almost does not cut the skin if you do not shave neatly on your knees.

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

The epilator itself is a white matte body, successfully framed in purple. Works only from a regular socket, an adapter is not necessary.

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

Glossy instructions explain in detail: what? Where? When?


Connecting the epilator and cord

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

We plug it into the socket. Immediately the backlight turns on and starts making noise.

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

I was very pleased that during the procedure, you can watch a movie – the epilator does not make much noise. My laptop, when it turns on the fan, cooling, makes a similar noise.

The flash is triggered only when it comes into contact with the skin. So the photo epilator won’t dazzle if you happen to look directly at the bulb.

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

There is a “delicate mode” – we press a feather and the discharge is not as powerful. Will help those with very sensitive skin. I did not use it.

Be sure to shave the skin before the procedure. Especially carefully, so that all the power of the flash went to the root, but not on the bad hairs.

We put it to the area to be treated, the smart sensors read the skin tone itself, the white light comes on and the flash goes off. If the skin is too dark, it will either glow red or the indicator will turn off.

While my body is sunburned to this point.

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

and 80% of the leg areas the epilator is still working. But some areas are already too dark and I will wait for the fall, when the tan comes off.
I can spot treat it by holding it down and pushing the button. Or just clamp it and then the flash will work itself every 3 seconds.

I wish it was possible to just turn on “auto” mode instead of holding my finger on the button. The first time it got tired after an hour in light tension.

โ›”๏ธ The very first time, there was a strong smell of burnt chicken in the room. It almost never happened again.


I will say right off the bat, I understood that commercials can tastefully show anything. Total baldness in all the right places after a month was not what I expected. Althoughโ€ฆ It would have been nice to start going bald just by picking up the box.

I set myself up for a full course of the maximum recommended by the manufacturer – 12 weeks. And then, as they write: just maintenance once a month or even once every six months.

Judging by the table, I was an ideal candidate before July. Light skin, dark hair.

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

Scheduled hair removal for:

๐Ÿ’Ž My legs, which all my life I’ve only shaved. It used to be just light fuzz, but as time went on, stiff, dark hairs started to grow back because of shaving. Had to remove the regrown “stumps” every day for perfect smoothness.

๐Ÿ’Ž Underarms, same story as my legs.

๐Ÿ’Ž The entire bikini area, including deep. Over 10 years of regular root removal, the hairs there are much softer and thinner, but they have not decreased in any way, unfortunately for me.

Remove a couple of dark hairs above my upper lip and completely remove facial fuzz.

โ›”๏ธ Treatment regimen

I did my first treatment at the beginning of March, and then I did it again once a week on all the areas to be treated. So, at the time of writing this review I have already had 19 treatments, and the recommended course is 4-12 weeks.

Painful feelings.

I have never been bothered by them, the procedure is always comfortable.

Immediately after the flash for 1 second the skin gets very hot, but cools down immediately. There was no pigmentation, burns, irritation.

There are moles on the body – their appearance has not changed (sometimes I hit them with the light from the flash).


I usually do when I’m alone at home, turn on a movie/webinar and start “working”. I spend 30-40 minutes on both legs from ankles to thighs+underarms, entire bikini area and face.

Shins to knees – 140 flashes and 6 minutes (for one leg).
From the knee to the hips – 125 flashes and 5 minutes.
The entire bikini area – 43 flashes and 3 minutes.
Underarms and area above the lip – 3 minutes.


๐Ÿ’Ž Legs.

After the first treatment, the only change is the hair grew slower. If usually I shaved them in the evening and felt prickles in the morning, now I could walk around with fairly smooth skin for 24 hours. I noticed the first results only after a month. After 10% of hair fell out here and there, leaving gaps.

After two months, 20% of hair was gone, it was less dark and stiff. I shave my legs every other day.

In 3 months

30% hair loss, the most frustrating part being on the back of legs, while the front and knees were still shaggy. Growing hair is getting lighter and lighter. Started to tan slowly, the epilator works on the entire area of my legs.

Month 4. July 2019

Hair is still growing, but a little lighter. I shave once every two days when I want smoothness, but I can not get a razor and 4 days. My legs don’t look overgrown.

My skin has darkened more due to the tan and the epilator now works every other time. Apparently, I will be using the razor until the tan is gone.

Worst result exactly on my legs – 3 points.

๐Ÿ’Ž Underarms

Already after the first time I noticed the effect – immediately there were gaps and 20% of the hair fell out. Thought that at this rate I would have smooth skin in a month. But in the second month, half of the hairs that had fallen out again went into active growth. I shave every 2 days.

Month 3

70% gone. Remaining hair is growing fast, but it’s thinner. I shave once every two days.

month 4

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review
Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

I lost 80% of my hair.

I give it a 4. Now they are much thinner, many not growing. Gone is the blueness in the area that was created by the translucent hair roots and the irritation that sometimes comes from shaving.

๐Ÿ’Ž Above the lip

There were 3 dark hairs growing on each side, after 2 months of regular treatment sometimes the most persistent one would break through. Facial fuzz was not affected at all – growing at the same rate. Epilator can’t see hairs that light and thin.

๐Ÿ’Ž Bikini area

On the pubic area, good results. Already in a month stopped growing hair beyond the panty line. On the triangle itself, 10% fell out in a month, started growing thinner.

After 2 months – 20%, 3 months – 30%, once a month I get a couple of ingrown hair, the remnants of the consequences shugaringa. 4 month – already lost 70%, the skin looks very good after shaving, almost no pimples, inflammation or pigmentation.

4.5 points here.

๐Ÿ’Ž Deep bikini area

Apparently, depending on the phase of the female cycle, the skin in this area sometimes gets too dark and a couple of times the epilator didn’t give a flash. Other weeks I epilate the entire deep bikini zone, including the area around the labia minora.

In the deep bikini area they became thinner, a little slower to grow, but I noticed the positive dynamics only after 3 months. They started to fall out evenly, but so far about 15% at most.

๐Ÿ’Ž 3 points

๐ŸŒธ Bottom line

The technology works and gradually the hair does stop growing. But the effect will have to be maintained regularly.

The hair grows a little slower, gets a little thinning, some of it falls out.

So from the point of view – “removal of hair forever for 12 treatments,” I put epilator 3 points.

After 4.5. months, 1 treatment each week. July 15, 2019.

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

If you, like me, are willing to allocate yourself an hour a week and a year to wait, watching every month 5-10% of the hair disappears, then to the purchase I recommend. It did make my life easier and for the bikini zone alone, I say thank you. When I travel to the sea for 2-3 days, I do not take a razor with me.

Of all the ways to remove hair in the bikini area, photoepilation was the best.

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD 3005 photoepilator - review

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