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What budget funds Ira Kiseleva continues to use, although a moratorium on Suite has already been removed.

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Our experiment “a Month on cosmetics is not more expensive 700 p.” is over. But, again gaining access Suite, some budget things I continue to use. And even enjoy.

Inputs: combination skin, there are wrinkles and pigmentation (forehead and cheeks), occasional inflammation. Lashes of medium length, hard and straight. His eyebrows are dark. Hanging upper eyelids, the skin in this area – fatty. The pigment of the lips bright enough.

In the budget segment I was looking for: two tone or BB cream. One tightly, for the “bad” days, the second is easier, but not quite transparent. Both need to be persistent, to smooth the topography and to have a slight light reflection. Concealers: medium density and with built-in lighting. Mascara that gives volume, keeps bending and flaking. Tools for eyebrow all colors — cream, powder, gel, to obtain and commit. The right bronzer shade. Everything else — the mood, and residual.


Usually use: semi matte Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet, Synchro radiant Skin Glow, Shiseido, BB cream, Nude, Erborian. Sometimes Blur Foundation By Lumene. Cover tightly give BB Perfect BB cream, 3LAB and classic Double Wear, Estee Lauder.

In the budget segment: took a lot of different. After the experiment, gladly moved to the “Suite”. A kind word recall BB cream Professionals BB Cream + Anti-Eta SPF 30, Pupa (629 rubles with the discount). Have you used it before and was quite pleased. But the lightest shade suits me only in the presence of a light tan.

Excellent, although this is not news, Perfect Cover BB Cream, Missha. The bad news is that it is expensive -). Good — has a mini-format of 20 ml, which was within our budget (653 rubles).

If Pupa more about medium coverage, Missha — Pro tight is in the category of “easy” victory concealer Foundation, Dermosil (690 rubles). Easy and imperceptible. Comfortable, although in the T-zone a little sailing after lunch.


Usually I use: pen, Touche Eclat, Yves Saint Laurent, concealer Instant Concealer, Clarins or Double Wear Estee Lauder. Last love — double-sided concealer Double Wear, Estee Lauder peach shade.

In budjette: well went Light Reflecting Concealer, long time (about 615 rubles). All good, small minus goes away after 5-6 hours, but to update — no problem. More like gets Nude Wear Touch Of Consealer Glow, Physicians Formula (785 rubles without discounts). Great highlights, though poorly disguises.


Usually use: Chanel Le Volume De Chanel. My love from the moment of launch.

In budjette: first not particularly impressed, but gradually was painted and charmed Studio, YZ (ex-Yllozure, 709 rubles). Transforms lashes in resnicami and durability no complaints. Proved termofuse The Style 4D Mascara Missha (about 690 RUB off) and “Volume+lengthening”, Manly Pro (600 RUB discount). The latter are easily superimposed, then solidifies and is fixed tightly. Hard case — hard matte plastic. Take — fun.

Tools for eyebrow

Usually use: eyebrow cream Eyebrow Definition, Pupa, ink for eyebrows Brow Drama, Maybelline, eye shadow Eye Shadow (shade Saddle #61), Bobbi Brown, wax for fixing Brow Wax, High Definition Brows.

In budjette: found this beautiful kit Brow Kit, YZ (RUB 819 before discounts). Trips he is small, there are powder and cream shadow — brown plus shining champagne (I have shade for brunettes No. 32). This set, I can do makeup and eyebrows, and eyes, and apply a light shade as a highlighter.

Again applause to gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Fix & Care, “Art-Visage” (99 rubles with the discount).


Usually use: powder Trio Terracotta Sun, Guerlain Poudre Soleil, Clarins, for the effect of visible radiance+tan — highlighter Powder Highlight HL02B, Manly Pro.

In budjette: found a cute Coloricon bronzer, Wet n Wild in shade E739 Ticket to Brasil (339 rubles). Love!

The primer under the shadows

Usually use: 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer, Smashbox resistant cream eyeshadow Pro Longwear Paint Pots by MAC (shade Painterly).

In budjette: most has become base Eye Primer, IsaDora (745 rubles). Any tricks or surprises, just happiness.


Usually use: rasporkami for fixing makeup — infinite Cellular Treatment Loose Powder La Prairie and Poudre Universelle Libre, Chanel.

In budjette: friends only Argan Wear Physicians Formula (869 RUB before discounts).

Lipstick and lip gloss

Usually use: different. I like a classic cream or balsam lipstick (Ah, Miss Sicily, Dolce & Gabbana!). Glitter — no individual sequin, this is often Chanel.

In budjette: 89% of the time this summer went to glitter Gloss Infaillible, L’oreal Paris (shade 109, 513 RUB discount). Another 10% (when they could not find him on bags-pockets), used lipstick and lip pencil Twist-up Gloss Stick, IsaDora #10 Lovely Lavender (RUB 655). And 1% bright creamy Comme il Faut, L’etoile Selection in shade 212 Black Tie Fuchsia (524 rubles with the discount).


Usually use: monotreme Ombre Premiere, Chanel and Eye Shadow, MAC cherish Microshadow Make Up Store, more three-pointers Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio, Shiseido and a palette Naked2 Basics, Urban Decay.

Eyeshadow Colors Bronx and L”Etoile Selection

In budjette: with shadows somehow not very. The quality, the shades, the price tag. The quality of the suit odnushki Single Slide Shadow Colors Bronx (269 rubles) and a couple of matte shades Magnetic, Dermosil (260 RUB.). Radiant they have is inferior, I agree with Mary.

Out of the shadows with special effects — good sequins Confetti, L’etoile Selection in shade 109 Salut (RUB 629 before discounts).


Usually use: usually use) But then suddenly wanted. To experiment so experiment!

In budjette: liked cream hilitary Manly Pro (360 RUB – refil, 170 rubles — case).Highlight, but do not emphasize the relief.

Base makeup

I also don’t usually use.

In budjette: took out of interest one and only- Peau Parfaite Primer Base, Yves Rocher (790 RUB.). I mix my schedule it with the day cream or the tone, their texture becomes a little easier, lights — the drop more. And correct. This is called glow.


Too bad that in budgett almost no samples (this and the Suite is not always rosy). Creams that always want to test before buying, just the most problematic category. So I suggest to start small jars and not be ashamed to do in stores otlivanty. Yes, it’s a process, but less money down the tube. If you certainly want to buy something here and now — take mascara or lipstick, likely to be a little disappointed.

Bugeda requires growing from the right place hands. Texture easier, bigger sequins, shades direct. It does not means bad, but it is correct to apply them harder.

For the same reason bugeda sometimes it is not budget — to tame a tool, you buy him a brush, then primer, then another brush. In the Suite, it happens less frequently.

Overall, the experiment for me was interesting and… tiring. The more surprising the enthusiasm of Julia consented to participate in the second series) Personally, my brain is broken from the fact that five times in an hour looking in the mirror, “well there’s a concealer not roll up?”, “the ink is still there or already under my eyes?”, “lipstick was gone?”. But there is still a series of posts about the best funds by category. So swords don’t sacensas cosmetics not hide-)

Budget makeup-2: Ira chooses favorites

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