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What means of decorative cosmetics in the category of “700 roubles” is particularly fond of Julia Grebenkina?

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Four boutinniere, Julia, Masha, Nastya and Ira, few months used only decorative cosmetics is not more expensive 700 rubles. Tell that from the huge pile of cosmetics tested liked Julia the most.

Inputs: – skin is oily, acne-prone, sensitive, with redness, requires masking medium to high. Preferences in makeup: Nude. Most often the main focus — red lipstick. Recently noticed a slight obsession with hiliter.

In the budget segment I was looking for:

  • Concealer to disguise from mild to high, smoothing skin texture, is not oxidized, moderately matting, not falling into the pores, resistant.
  • Concealer with a high degree of camouflage to hide the deep shadows under his eyes.
  • The shadows — matte, beige-brown and salmon peach colors.
  • The mascara adds volume without clumps and gluing.
  • Fine automatic eyebrow pencil — I prefer to draw that way.
  • Blush. In his first experiment with budget makeup, I almost didn’t have a good blush and wanted to fill this gap.
  • Military. Wanted to check the effect of the price of the product on its quality. Well and see that even in this niche there is.
  • Red lipsticks. I promised myself to hold on, but in some incredible way of red lipsticks in the end still gained a lot. Well, okay, I wear them very often.


I usually use: hard to remember, but a year ago the favorites were definitely Erborian BB Creme and La Mer The Soft Long wear Fluid Foundation. Also love Estee Lauder Double Wear (for output) and a Perfectionist (for each day). And green BB cream Holika Holika.

What I liked now: my difficult and problematic type of skin tone in the mass market, it seems, almost do not. And if they do, only Koreans. The rest are either weak mask, or lie powdery mask, and both, floats to the unknown distance to the middle of the day. About anti-aliasing textures in the mass market can’t even dream (well if not to take the Koreans, again) — why so, can not understand.

In the second experiment, the price bar, which is down to 700 rubles, the choice was even less.

What tone and I ended up in my purse?

  • Stable tone cream “Art-Visage” (263 rubles). Nice and moisturizing, but oily skin is preferable to stable, it lasts longer. Tone worthy of the falls, well as well behaved during the day.
  • BB cream After School BB Foundation Too Cool For School (with the girl in the red dress). In the photo above it in large volume, but small: 7 oz. for 291 rouble — and here it to take. Just a great BB cream that gives a sleek, wet skin and perfectly smooth texture.

And… that’s all. No, I can make up almost all bought, my skin became a little better tone and not floating like before. But it requires patience, but the result is the average.


Usually love Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Nars Concealer Soft Matte Complete — both with a high degree of masking.

In budjette: another problematic category. 90% of the concealer in the mass market have a weak covering power, and to mask them with something like bruises under my eyes is unrealistic. (Interestingly, the same situation in the Suite?)

And again I scored a lot of them. But I changed my approach: thoroughly went through the budget prof. Yes, Pupa has released a good collection of staples.

What can you recommend?

  • Funds with a medium level of coverage:
    • Again, a very good concealer Miracle Touch, “Art-Visage” (159 rubles). I have not caught on a regular basis, because I need a little more masking. But it is denser than most peers, and lies well under the eyes.
    • Nyx HD Studio Photogenic Concealer (490 rubles). The degree of coverage is higher than the “Art-Visage”, but it’s still not a complete masking of the circles.
  • With a high degree of coverage:
    • Nyx Gotcha Covered (490 RUB) — water resistant, vysokomehanizirovannyh rich cream, which is also slightly brightens. Is tight, but can be annoying Shine that requires dusting.
    • Nyx Full Coverage Concealer (490 RUB) — vysokomehanizirovannyh the cream in a jar, in texture dry, apply with a brush-barrel.
    • Pupa Extreme Cover Concealer (644 RUB discount on the map), in a similar format and properties: the higher the pigmentation, dry texture.
    • Pupa Cover Stick Concealer (can’t see it in the sale now) is the density of the coating slightly less than the brothers in round jars, but still high, the bruise covers.

With these concealers life finally started to play!

Palettes eyeshadow

Usually use and love the eyeshadow palette Mad For Matte, E. L. F, Redemption Palette Essential Mattes 2, Makeup Revolution, Smashbox Full Exposure, the palette Make Up Store Rouge Bunny Rouge.

In budjette: while there is a sale (and even with the discount) — buy the mosaic of shadows in the warm palette of the collection x Maybelline Gigi Hadid. Here “Riv Gosha” it costs just 699 rubles. You will not regret the quality of the shadows is excellent.

Other obvious favorites, like last time, is not formed. So everything below — from the series “could make up, if nothing else”. Perhaps slightly better than the other — Bronx palette Color Macchiato deviationa (but it’s beyond budget — 879 rubles), Catrice Eyeshadow Professional Artist (multicolor, also not within budget — 745 RUB). And very funny and good by color — Essence Nude Million Faces (if not excessive shimmer in shining shadows — but otherwise it rules; 365 rubles).

Overall: the shade is often dust, many slightly pigmented or this pigmentation is lost just because they raise dust. I can make it on normal paint. But I do not.

If you do not have time for Gigi, then take a look at e.l.F. on ayherre or Makeup Revolution, online and in the “Golden Apple” (but read the reviews, from the palette to the palette differ).

The shadows-mono

Usually use and love mono-the shadows of Make Up Store, Smashbox.

In budjette: realized and colleagues that mono-shade is completely off-budget. Therefore, in this category are not keen on looking.

Will highlight:

  • Mono-the shadows of Make Up Factory (600 rubles). For the mass market rare normal frosted light shades.
  • Mono shadow matte Yves Rocher (590 rubles). Chose shades 01 “Fragrant Magnolia” and 14 “Pink Heather”.
  • Mono-shadow Glam Rock Urban Shadow, Too Cool For School (606 rubles). Beautiful shades — 29 Cinnamon Mocha, 3 Peach Glow, 27 Mystic Mob. And actually I wanted to buy everything, it was hard to choose. Not very resistant, I recommend to base.
  • Shining pigments Manifest friable pigment, “Art-Visage” (235 rubles). Difficult to use, but sometimes the soul needs a holiday. For 235 rubles a holiday — it’s almost a gift.

Shade, shade

Usually I use and love: 24 Hour MAC Prep + Prime Extend Eye Base, Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer.

In budjette: something as good as Nyx High Definition Eye Shadow Base (550 rubles) was not found.


Usually I use and love all the variations and Lash Sensational from Maybelline the Colossal -). As well as Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara, Make Up For Ever Smoky Stretch, MAC False Lashes.

In budjette: still all the same Maybelline and L’oreal Paris Cox.

From L’oreal now my favorites — Mega Volume Miss Hippie (499 RUB) and Paradise Extatic (499 RUB). Of our brands will provide a good volumizing mascara “Velvet lashes” at “Art-Visage” (170 rbl.) and “Gurmandiz” for 179 rubles by brown (in the days of minimal makeup).


Usually love Benefit Hervana, Clarins Blush Prodige.

In budjette: has been little studied me last fall, so the blush I bought at this time more accurately.


  • J. cat beauty Love Struck Blusher+Bronzer, shade 102 Honey Bunches (619 rbl.). With bronzerat marketers got excited — this is a very bright blush. Keep in mind — surprisingly pigmented.
  • Vivienne Sabo Rose de Velours, shade 22 (253 rubles.). Universal delicate blush that you do not overdo it.
  • Artdeco Blusher, shade 45 Sweet Peach (639 rubles). In another shade of the same blush I did not like. Don’t know whether the magic color or the difference in quality, but these are good.
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush, Pink Rose 020 (310 rubles). Too cute -) One minus — very quickly obamalama silver strip on top and starts to fly off the lid. Now that’s just indecent.
  • Physicians Formula Blush cream, Nude Silk (759 rbl.). Chu-u-Ust do not fit into our financial framework. Blush with a very interesting “creamy” texture and good pigmentation.
  • Makeup Revolution Blush Golden Sugar (729 rubles online, but in the “Golden Apple” palette was cheaper). Palette for those who need to please myself -). Can’t say that it is universal, unique, or necessary for everyone. But if you already have five pieces of blush and I want to do not understand something — you can take it. Especially here and hilitary -).

Tool for eyebrow

Usually I use and love thin pencils Smashbox and Benefit.

In budgett: in General, no problems.


  • Automatic Brow pencil Vivienne Sabo Arcade (I have shade 03, 269 rubles). The winner in the ratio price — quality. Shade is the most moderate among those that I have, but when it comes to eyebrows, the intensity is not needed.
  • Automatic eyebrow pencil N1 (shade 03, 690 rubles). Comrades darker and softer. On those days when just dyed hair).
  • Automatic pencil Yves Rocher Eyebrow Pencil Precision 12H (02 Chatain, 500 RUB). Shade closer to the gums, in texture — glides on easier than others.
  • Clear gel “Art-Visage” (106 rubles). The acknowledged favourite of all the ratings of the budget. And I am not disappointed!


Usually: Most Wanted Artdeco palette Glow Palette palette shimmers / highlighters Jeffrey Star.

In budjette: through this project, and discovered military as a category.

Such cool palettes, like Artdeco, are not met. Part of shimmers / highlighters did not match in color — I don’t like neither too cold glare or obviously yellow, and they seem equally divided on these two categories. Another part of the shimmers / highlighters strongly emphasizes skin texture, I think it’s a matter of grinding.

In the end, will highlight:

  • Station wagons:
    • Artdeco Glow Powder, 3 Silk Road. For me a good highlighter. And I most often use. Unfortunately, it was spring limitai. If somewhere else — take, will not disappoint.
    • Vivienne Sabo Mon Amie, 01. Simple but decent (to four) highlighter with a Golden sheen. As with the blush Vivienne Sabo, it is difficult to overdo.
  • For special effects:
    • Essence Prismatic Hololighter Stick (315 rubles). Gives a blue glow, which is called holographic. Despite the texture of the stick, not too greasy, even a little dry. However, nowhere in the sale — appears to have been limited?
    • Shining gel Estrade, 82 (235 rubles). Similar to stick Catrice, liquid and shines stronger.

Red lipstick

Usually I use and love: everything!

In budjette: tried all of their 52 red lipsticks to choose favorites. Soon to present the winners separately).

Budget makeup-2: Julia chooses favorites

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