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In the experiment, it was found that mango helps to establish the bowels and is good for your health in General.

In the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research published a study by American scientists that an experiment showed the possibility to deal with constipation using natural products. With their weapons they chose mango.

In the experiment involved 36 people suffering from constipation. They randomly divided into two groups. In one group of participants each day was to eat a mango, and the other group received an equivalent amount of cellulose in the form of supplements. Both groups were fed on a carefully controlled scheme, using about the same amount of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates. The experiment lasted a month.

After the experiment in both groups, improvements were noted. But most significant, they proved to be those who every day ate a mango. The chair members of this group became softer and more frequent. In addition, improved the composition of the microflora and decreased indices of inflammation markers.

As scientists believe, in General, a positive effect was related to the fact that the subjects began to eat properly and to eat more fiber. But the role was played by mango, namely polyphenols, which in large quantities are contained in the fruit. Thanks to polyphenols, mango helps reduce the level of inflammation in the intestine and improves the composition of the microflora. That is, it helps to deal with the reasons causing constipation.

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