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See the “USO – The Perfumed Cloud” in the Museum until February 1

Cartier and the Louvre Abu Dhabi presented olfactory art installation “USO — The Perfumed Cloud” (“USO: fragrant cloud”, where USO — “unidentified fragrant object”), created by the French house perfumer Mathilde Laurent, together with Transsolar Klima Engineering. Previously, the object can be seen in the Tokyo Palace in Paris.

The inspiration for the immersive installation was the flavor of the Cartier L’envol, developed by Laurent in 2016. Visitors to the Museum, going into the water mounted on a transparent cube of glass, you can climb the spiral staircase to the soaring fragrant cloud.

To see Cartier perfume installation is possible up to 1 February at the exhibition “10 000 Years of Luxury”. Its curator was the Director of the Paris Museum of decorative arts, Olivier gab.





The Louvre Abu Dhabi

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