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Some Hollywood stars have proven that even a woman of short stature can look like a supermodel. They just follow a few stylish rules. If you are short and looking for inspiration, look at these five Hollywood celebrities.

They are always stylishly dressed for both premieres and everyday life. The interesting thing is that when you look at them, you don’t notice that they are not very tall. For example, Zoe Kravitz is only 1.56cm tall and Sarah Jessica Parker is 1.60m tall, Victor Beckham is 1.63m tall. Nevertheless, these prominent women always look feminine and have a characteristic individual style. That’s what we can learn from them.

Reese Witherspoon
Six feet tall.

Style: bright, feminine, classic

Actress R. Witherspoon is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. Usually she chooses bright fitting midi dresses or skirts, which emphasize her slender figure and almost avoids long dresses. And of course, heels. An actress even in everyday life wears heels.

Zoe Kravitz
Height: Meter and fifty-seven.

Style: seductive, modern

You wouldn’t believe it, but Zoe Kravitz, an actress of the young generation, is no higher than 6’4″! All her outfits have one feature – a solid color scheme, which creates the impression of a longer silhouette. Whether it’s a long dress or a suit, Zoe wears monotonous clothes most often.

Natalie Portman
Six feet tall.

Style: discreet, classic

Natalie Portman is certainly not the kind of actress who’d risk fashion. She appreciates the classic colours: dark blue, black, white, red and understated styles. In everyday life she prefers casual style and almost never wears high heels. An actress with impeccable taste is constantly on the list of the most stylish celebrities.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Height: Meter sixty.

Style: Eclecticism

Actress Sarah Parker is best known for her role in Sex and the City, where she played an eccentric, fearless fashion blogger Carrie Bradshaw. Her own style is not far from her character. Parker likes to combine unconventional shoes and clothes, not according to trends, but according to her personal style. The actress knows style techniques for small women: she often wears pants to the ankles, midi skirts and heels.

Victoria Beckham
Sixteen feet tall.

Style: Classic

Victoria Beckham is one of the most stylish women in the world and constantly inspires others with her images. The designer avoids multilayering and visually chooses silhouettes with longitudinal stripes: skirts and trousers with high waist, monochrome style and asymmetrical haircut.

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