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Around the Urban Decay Naked palette at the time was a real rush. Perhaps because it was the first Naked palette quality eyeshadow nadovich shades: it has bright and dark colors that combine well with each other and give room for creativity with them possible to do casual makeup and evening smoky eyes.
And recently, among foreign bloggers started a new wave of discussions when someone is found in the sale a palette Primark Eyeshadow Palette Amber. The thing is that this palette is very reminiscent of “nudity”, but it is almost 10 times cheaper: about € 4 to 40.
The palette looks as follows:

Swatch watch:

And compare with the most:

Well, of course, is not an exact repetition, and in more Naked rich, dark hues, but the resemblance is obvious. A couple of examples of make-up from bloggers:
To sum up the accumulated opinions, the bloggers agree that palette, though not an exact replica, but for the money a very good option. Many are surprised at the high quality shadows at such a low price. By the way, for reference: Primark is a British brand, which has stores across Europe and in the United States. The brand story can be viewed here.
And actually, one of the video reviews:

Here’s a life hack or machak rather

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