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Nutritionists told about the foods that absolutely can not eat before bedtime.

Before sleeping is harmful, but yet people ignore this rule. If you do decide to eat before bed, you should know what foods are certainly not worth it is, because they will lead to insomnia:

  • Water. If you drink a lot of water, it will constantly Wake up during the night to go to the toilet. Drink two hours before bedtime;
  • The chicken and the Turkey. It diet meat is rich in protein, which energizes. Eat it for dinner, and tell my son “good-bye”;
  • Spicy food. In such foods contain histamines, which are also energized and not allowed to sleep;
  • Fried foods. Such food is hard to digest, your body will have to work all night and in the morning you will have a hard time waking up;
  • Sports drinks. They have some caffeine, but its invigorating properties it is known to all;
  • Alcohol. Even after one glass of wine the quality of sleep decreases by 40%. In the morning it will be very hard to Wake up;
  • Chocolate. Especially dangerous is the dark form of this delicacy, because it contains a large dose of caffeine.
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