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Matte lipstick that is not felt on the lips — well, not a miracle?

The main difference between Rouge Signature from all the other matte lipsticks — with a weightless texture. Lipstick should not be felt on the lips and do something to remind yourself. Part of: oil, water and pigments. They must create the thinnest stable film.

The pointed sponge should be easy to paint over the outline.

In line 12 shades, show 11 of them.

I Speak Up 106

I Am Worth It 115

I Rule 105

I Achieve 112

I Explore 116

I Represent 114

I Enjoy 103

I Rebel 104

I Empower 110

I Savor 109

I Don’t 113


Julia: I Remember when I chose their favorites from the budget red lipsticks, I was asked what L’oreal Paris Rouge Signature — she had just come out, and I specifically went to the store to try. After six months of testing) will tell that the lip came out good. It is pigmented, easy to apply directly with a sponge (and draw the outline without the pencil, just lipstick — often not a trivial task), solidifies, thereby holding reasonably firmly, but not dry lips and this is not the Lime Crime resistance, when the medium is then torn off along with the lips. The prints on the Cup remain — but the whole dog without problems -)). Just rinse mitsellyarnoi.

My only complaint Rouge Signature — it is dense enough. The photo is almost imperceptible, but in my life I want to apply another coat, and it does not give special result). The middle of the lips slightly shines through the pigment, if I may say so, and I would like exactly-buildable coverage — but she has texture not the same. In my top 10 red lipsticks liquid she would rather get good performance characteristics, but the density parameter I love the other options.

Nastya: All shades, even the light, leave behind a tint. For example, tint after sudovogo I Rule 105 — suddenly bright pink.

I agree with Julia, the only minus is the lack of pigmentation. I absolutely love the opaque coating, and then I want to put five layers. Although even in this case, the lipstick sticks well. The coating on the lips is thin and really imperceptible, this would not have been deceived.

However I don’t know how she washed it “just mitsellyarnoi”? She, of course, mitsellyarnoi washed out, but not easy.

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