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The conference slogan Connecting Womеn 2019: be yourself, this… happy!

Each of us dreams of happiness. Someone has already found and goes with the flow, someone who lives with her hands, someone is always looking. And inside we are all constantly “look for” indicators of HAPPINESS.

We can hope for a winning ticket, and you can learn to perform miracles with their hands. In the vast flow of information on success and fulfillment, the only thing you need to hear what is important to you.

Experience a truly happy women said that is important, not the implementation itself, and the feeling of happiness. Yes! Not the fact of reaching a certain peak, and what emotions we will experience in this case. The sensation of flying occurs only when we are holistic and real! When all of our inner dialogues come in harmony and not argue among themselves.

Internal conflicts always lead to external conflicts – in relationships, in society. And the tops of all of their – someone wants to create a big family, someone to run a major Corporation, and someone to open their own cafes.

What makes us real and allows you to be yourself for achieving goals – and have our individual recipe for happiness.

And Yes! We women! This means that competition with men is not our way. We operate through creativity, wisdom, experience exchange and creation!

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Why the need for the conference?

The purpose of the conference Connecting Womеn – awaken some important insights that will help you to create YOUR own unique recipe. To meet other interesting women to individual ideas become more richer and more real. The answer comes when there’s a request in the dialogues to hear the truth, and the fellowship is enriching.

The conference speakers are interesting personalities with their own stories, UPS and downs, who are in search of, and willing to talk about their own important insights and discoveries.

They are preparing very practical performances, master classes, below, after the conference, in addition to the inspiration you have a vision of how and what exactly you can do in your life. More about the conference themes and speakers read here.

We hope that the meeting will help to open up new plans, ignite new ideas, and in our country will be truly happy women.

On 29 September at the Mercure Congress Hotel Kyiv women’s conference Connecting Womеn 2019. Come!

More information and tickets look for the link.

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