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Girls perceive their weight is heavier than boys.

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Scientists have determined how psychologically about their weight, boys and girls. It turned out that this ratio really depends on the sex. Moreover, boys and girls start to get frustrated because of the absolutely opposite things.

Iranian experts from Tehran University decided to find out how weight affects the psychological state of the children. For this they conducted a study involving more than 25 thousand children aged 6 to 18 years. About each of the participants were collected several kinds of information: gender, age, body mass index, socio-economic status of the family and so on. In addition, using a special questionnaire in children checked for the presence of depression.

After data were analyzed, the researchers found a striking correlation between the weight of children and the presence of depression. It turned out that the boys with low birth weight are more likely to suffer depression than boys with normal and excessive weight. But in girls the situation was just the opposite: the level of depression grew along with weight and the highest was for those girls who suffered from excess weight.

Scientists say that this pattern shows how to perceive ourselves at a young age children of different sexes. However, for more accurate conclusions about depression skinny boys and full girls requires a long-term research. At the moment, not reported, will continue the study of the topic.

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