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Expert on healthy eating identified five advertised “diet” foods that ruin a diet.

Marketers cleverly come up with advertising that may inadvertently cause people to buy even those products which they do not need. Experts lure customers with bright packaging and come up with loud slogans. But they are not always true.

– Some products that are so touted advertisers, not actually help weight loss, but on the contrary make the process even more difficult, says dietitian Elena Dmitrienko.

Here is a list of useful products, according to the expert, which should not eat on the diet:

Yogurt with zero percent fat. The lack of fat, manufacturers compensate for sugar and other sweeteners.

Bread. Mainly these products make with white flour, margarine and sugar. In General, the composition is the same as that of the sugar-flour buns. These dietary bread should be prepared from cereals and whole grains.

Curd cheese. They almost no cheese, and only 100 grams of product represents about 400 kcal.

Juice from the package. In one package can be about 60 grams of sugar. Losing weight this drink just does not work.

Med. Many believe that sugar honey well model. But, in fact, he did not less calories. Therefore, shouldn’t be advertising diet products that contain honey.

A nutritionist claims that it is necessary to avoid these foods. It is important to take into account their calorie content and to correctly calculate your diet.

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