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It turns out that diet soda tricks our body and makes me eat more and more often.

Often seen in restaurants, visitors who order a diet coke or other drinks with a harmless name. This “skim” the gazvoda recently began increasingly to make manufacturers of soft drinks of different brands. People think that no harm will be done, here again there is the saving word “diet”. But experts warn that it’s different.

The producers assure that the manufacture of such soda the sugar used. But they are silent about other, more harmful substances, – says nutritionist Irina Luchinina. – Studies have shown that because diet soda weight gain, especially in abdomen and waist.

The specialist explained that due to the addiction to diet soda, people have overeating and diabetes. The fact is that when you drink sweet drinks, the body thinks it’s sugar. To recycle this substance secreted insulin. But since sugar you are eating, you will soon want it again something to chew on. Because of this, there is an unplanned snack. As a consequence, you eat more calories and gaining extra weight.

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