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The movie with johnny Depp was removed after allegations

Dior has released a promotional video dedicated to the new version of the men’s fragrance Sauvage, and almost immediately deleted it. The public blamed the brand in cultural appropriation and condemned, in their opinion, incorrect campaign of the perfume, the theme of which was the lives of indigenous people of North America.

Users did not like that the main character of the video was johnny Depp, who is not a native Indian and is also involved in a scandal of domestic violence. Considered unsuccessful and the name of the fragrance Sauvage which means “savage” – it referred to the Indians the colonists. Recall that the range of Sauvage launched in 60-ies of the last century, but the Indian theme is used to campaign for the first time.

In the press release Dior is noted that the movie was conceived as a statement in support of indigenous peoples. The brand invited the Indians to participate in the creation of advertising as consultants, as well as removed the Indian actors in the movie.

In the video appears an Indian from the reservation, The Rosubud, he’s dancing to the iconic song “Rumble” of Link Wray, three-quarters were also Indian. Johnny Depp formally adopted into an Indian tribe, the Comanches, and his grandparents come from the Cherokee and Creek.

Previously, users of social networks criticized underwear brand Kim Kardashian. Because of the name of a new brand she also has been accused of cultural appropriation.


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