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Scientists say that breathing in polluted air, it is possible to remain without offspring.

The pollutants that are released into the environment, cause in brain development some changes. As a result this may affected the reproductive system and also deteriorates the fertility of future generations. This was the conclusion reached by researchers from the Belgian University Leha.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which pregnant rodents were exposed to compounds that affect the endocrine system.

In the end, the intervention led to changes in behaviour in pregnant females and developmental disorders of the reproductive system of mice.

– Similar changes were observed in several generations Gruzinov that have not been subjected to such harmful effects. In total, we analyzed data from three generations of mice. In addition to physiological changes, we also observed and mental. For example, females of the second and third generations of rodents almost not caring for their children, says an employee of the University of Cat Williams.

It turned out that in females, poorly caring for their offspring also suffer fertility. Scientists are sure that it happened due to changes in the brain caused by contaminated environment.

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