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It smells of bergamot, Jasmine and lilac

The Disney Studio and beauty brand DefineMe created the fragrance, inspired by Princess Ariel from disney’s “the little Mermaid”. Perfume composition the product consists of notes of bergamot, neroli, Jasmine and lilac and I have to say about the beach. The picture on the bottle is “Ariel” repeats the texture of the tail, a daughter of king Triton and supplemented with a lid in the form of mother-of-pearl shell.

The cost of the fragrance varies from $ 28 for a volume of 9 ml to $ 88 per volume of 75 ml. In sale it will arrive in the fall.

In cooperation DefineMe Disney and plan to release a series of fragrances dedicated to the disney princesses.

Recall now Disney is working on a game remake of the little Mermaid. The main role in the movie performed by actress and singer, Halley Bailey, and her beloved Prince Phillip could play Harry styles. The role of the father of the little mermaid is seen Javier Bardem.



The little mermaid



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