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Psychologists have described what some women get to fall in love.

Most girls fall in love with “nothing to do”. They are currently looking for some fun, trying to diversify his life.

– If the lady has no boyfriend, she tries to cope with his hormonal urges, – explains the doctor-sexologist perinatal center Andrey Baryshev. Is manifested in the fact that she quickly finds a new object for admiration, in order to fill the void. She can see something beautiful in any person’s heart and to love all around.

Psychologists also write off some amorous girls on childhood trauma.

– If the parents were lacking in affection for my daughter, she would look for that feeling in other people. She will instinctively want to feel love, to know that she’s not going anywhere. Therefore, many become attached to even the most meager expression of tender feelings, – says psychologist Elena Dorokhova.

When a girl is in love, she feels she can do more than in the normal state. Therefore, unconsciously looking for the object for love to be more confident.

The most popular reason for amorousness, which they say psychologists and sexologists, is the loneliness. A woman needs to fill in the space around them. Especially if the parents taught that man should not be alone. The desire to create a family plays a significant role in amorous girls. But often lead to family tragedies.


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