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In 20 years doctors have taken aback a resident of the United States, declaring that she would age before her own grandmother. And to blame a rare disease. The History Of Tiffany.

Tiffany Wedekind is a carrier of a rare disease progeria. People who age faster than usual, in the world, a total of 156.

The doctors believe her case is unusual, since the disease is usually detected in children 2-3 years. At Tiffany’s it was discovered only 20 years old.

After the woman began to heart problems, she passed several examinations. Tiffany became suspicious when it is unclear how broke femur. Before that progeria indicated only one symptom – a slight increase.

It is known that progeria appears due to a mutation in the gene LMNA. Protein Lamin a (product of the gene) plays an important role in the Assembly of the cell nucleus.

People who are diagnosed progeria often live only to adolescence or adolescence. On average, such patients live about 12 years. However, to date, Tiffany Wedekind already 41 years old. She was the only patient who faced this rare disease on Earth and lived the longest. Earlier a survivor was considered a South American artist and musician Leon Bot who died in 2011 at the age of 26 years.

Because of the illness of Tiffany’s hair fall out and teeth. She has problems with heart and joints, as very old people. A woman’s weight is only 26 kg.

Geneticist Kim McBride considers the case of Tiffany is unique. He noted that she had a brother who suffered the same disease. The man lived for 39 years, which is also a lot for a patient with progeria.

Despite his diagnosis, Tiffany lives life to the fullest: doing yoga, manages a cleaning company and even launched a business making candles. According to her, she tries to live until old age overtook her completely.

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