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Scientists have found that grain of rice is able to accumulate in themselves harmful substances which are accumulated in tissues and organs, poisoning them.

New Orleans was the big conference of biologists. One of the reports was devoted to rice. Specialists said that he had conducted an assessment of the substance which accumulates Fig. Mainly they were interested in arsenic and toxins.

Zhou Zheng and his colleagues from Indiana reviewed 143 scientific works on arsenic, which tells how this chemical element behaves in the human body. The first systematic evaluation showed that some concentration of arsenic contained in all grains of rice. But above all, in the grains of the more budget providers. This is probably due to the place where it grows rice.

– Currently, we study in detail how the rice affects the functioning of organs, explained Zheng Zhou, University specialist


The scientist notes that the high concentration of arsenic, lead and other toxic elements in foods leads to disruption of the functioning of the brain and body. It proves that the grains and vegetables the arsenic enters water from the soil. On average, 70% of the arsenic coming into the human body with products of plant origin.

Here are some of the symptoms of chronic arsenic poisoning: lethargy reactions, sleep problems, weak calf muscles, pain in the heart, deep bruising on the skin, enlarged lymph nodes, hair loss, weakened immunity, skin peeling, thickening of the nails.

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