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Everyone wants to eat a lot and tasty, while remaining slim. According to nutritionists, this is possible!

We have prepared for you a useful list. There are 15 low-calorie and fiber-rich foods that you can eat every day without damage to the figure:

  •  Eggs

In any volume are not forced to gain weight due to low energy value.

  • Zucchini

Contain only 42 calories. Besides, they help to improve bowel function.

  • Plums and apples

Give a lasting feeling of satiety and improve digestion. They have a lot of useful vitamin C and only 50 calories.

  • Strawberries and cranberries

Improve digestion, help the heart, saturate the body with vitamin C.

  • Cucumbers

Help to lose weight and eliminate bloating.

  • Celery

Promotes weight loss, as it can detoxify the body. This plant is 95% water.

  • Melon and watermelon

Excrete toxins and saturate it with water. It contains only 60-70 calories.

  • Pineapple

Helps break down fats and speed up metabolism.

  • Algae

Improves performance of the thyroid by saturating the body with iodine.

  • Eggplant

Can be eaten as boiled or roasted. One serving of this vegetable contains only 24 calories.

  • Broccoli and other cabbage

Experts recommend eating two times a day. They have a lot of nutrients that interact with iodine.

  • Salad

Rich in folic acid. And one lettuce leaf contains only 3 calories.

  • Beets

It is full of manganese which leads to normal blood sugar levels. One serving of beets has 40 kcal.

  • Grapefruits, oranges and tangerines

Contain a lot of vitamin C and flavonoids. These components help to improve the health of skin, digestive system and liver.

  • Popcorn

Perhaps this product you will not expect to see here. In fact, one serving of unsalted Goodies has only 31 Calories, if it not add the butter.

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