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It is believed that oncological diseases most often affect people middle age and older, but the doctors say otherwise. Cancer younger!

American society for the fight against cancer undertook a major study. During his oncologists have identified eight types of cancer, which can be sick in his youth.

The study involved people from 25 to 84 years. Indicators of health scientists have tracked over two decades. It was found that by 49 years in humans significantly increases the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Oncologists explain that at this age increases the percentage of patients with cancer of the pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, uterus, endometrium, colon, myeloma (a blood disease, cancerous cells are formed in bone marrow) and leukemia. An especially great risk in those people who have excess weight, a sedentary lifestyle and regular eating of fast food meals.

It is noteworthy that in people 30 – 40 years most common cancer of the digestive tract and leukemia. The extra weight in this case is not important.

Oncologists suggest that a high percentage of cancer incidence among youth can be explained by the unfavourable environmental situation, the accumulation in the body of carcinogenic substances, the abuse of antibiotics (which are thrown the immune system) and autoimmune diseases.

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