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The doctor told me about the dietary habits that often lead to obesity.

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Therapist Drapkina told about what eating habits lead to obesity. According to the specialist, future problems with excess weight are laid in childhood.

So if the child is in childhood had increased body mass index in adulthood, it significantly increases the likelihood of obesity and related problems. However, food habits are manifested in both adults and children. One of the most common Drapkina called energy imbalance is a situation in which a person consumes large amount of calories, but not subjected to any physical stress, which energy is not consumed. Experts advise to pay attention to this issue: not to overeat and to take time for sports. In addition, the need to minimize the number of snacks between meals.

Also today, people often eat junk food, eat a lot of sweet. The vegetables or fish in the diet is increasingly rare.

One of the reason of the overeating causes Drapkina called advertising. According to experts, now people are constantly surrounded by calls to eat: the terms fast food, cafes, kiosks, as well as lots of relevant ads. And despite the fact that at home we have scored a refrigerator.

Advertising is bad for children, which is even harder to resist various temptations. The expert advised to protect children from advertising and not to take them with you to the store.

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