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For sale in Badu World Market from February 20

Singer Erykah Badu. will include a line of its merchandise, the vagina perfume. About this singer said in an interview with 10 Magazine. The basis of the composition of the fragrance will become her own scent.

“There is a legend that my vagina is changing men, told Erica Badu. — The guys I love and who love me, find a new job and begin to live that way.” With the new flavor, Eric plans to share his unusual ability with everyone.

Part of perfume Badu”s Pussy is part of the burnt underwear of the singer. Erica Badu believes that this is a healthy approach to recycling clothing, as underwear she’s been not wearing it.

Recall that hit last month was the candle Goop with the smell of vaginas that liked Elton John. How sex became a part of the Wellness industry, can be found in our material.

Erykah Badu.



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