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Scientists explain why people often have serious mental health problems than skinny.

In 2018 foreign scientists conducted a study in which rodents were given a very fatty meal. After that, test subjects showed signs of apathy. They stayed in the doldrums until with antibiotics condition of microflora of animals is not brought to normal.

The researchers decided that such a mental reaction caused by the activity of one species of intestinal bacteria. Conditionally positive representatives of microflora in the body cause neurochemical changes, which lead to a passive mental state.

To confirm or disprove this theory, scientists began to study the processes that occur in the human brain. Even before it was discovered that depression arises because of the diets, and the individual genome and predisposition to obesity.

It was found that the fats from food enter the bloodstream and then accumulate in the hypothalamus (region of brain). Scientists have found that disturbances occur in the signal paths, which causes depression.

For the first time, we clearly saw a big fat effect on the mental state of a person, says George Bailey, the lead author of the study.

This explains the fact that fat people almost do not respond to antidepressants, in contrast to the slim. Based on these data, the researchers plan to create a new anti-depressant drugs that can help people suffering from obesity.

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